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Aaron Blecha


Aaron Blecha

Aaron Blecha was raised by a school of giant squids in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He now works as an artist and animator designing toys, making cartoons, and illustrating children's books. You can find him exploring the southern English seaside with his family.

Aaron Blecha

Books by Aaron Blecha

written by Davey Ocean, illustrated by Aaron Blecha - Children (Ages 6-8)

Harry Hammer is a hammerhead shark, although he’d rather be a great white shark, or a tiger shark—anything but himself. But when a class trip to a famous shipwreck almost ends in disaster for Harry and his pals, he realizes the importance of being exactly who he is!

Written by Nancy Krulik, Illustrated by Aaron Blecha - Children's, Fiction, Holiday

With the school play coming up and a surprise visit from a friend, George's Christmas season is sure to be fun.  However, when George gets the magic burps, all his plans get a crazy spin.  Maybe Santa can leave George a cure under the tree!