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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Jess Smart Smiley, author of Upside Down: A Vampire Tale

Sep 12, 2012

Jess Smart Smiley is ready to turn Upside Downfor his big comics debut. It’s the story of a boy vampire who’s charming and a whole lot of fun. We asked jess to sink his teeth into some questions about the book.

Interview: James Sturm, author of Adventures in Cartooning Christmas Special

Sep 12, 2012

The beloved Adventures in Cartooning series returns with a fun, new Christmas Special, brought to you by creators James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, and Alexis Frederick-Frost. We talked to all three to see what kind of holiday spirit they had.

Interview: Jimmy Gownley, author of Her Permanent Record

Aug 31, 2012

Eleven years after his much beloved Amelia Rules! series began, artist and writer Jimmy Gownley is releasing the very final Amelia Louise McBride adventure, Her Permanent Record. In it, the 11-year-old heroine (smart as a whip and cantankerous in a way that evokes the spirit of the greatest YA heroines of literature) boards a bus to go off in search of her missing Aunt Tanner, who has been scandalized by an ex-boyfriend’s tell-all book. We caught up with Gownley to discuss the ending of an era…and how he’s beginning a new one. Oh, and he also gives you major clues on two hidden treats you should be on the lookout for when you read Her Permanent Record. ---John Hogan

Interview: Gene Ambaum, author of Poopy Claws

May 8, 2012

Gene Ambaum is a teen-services librarian who is half (along with co-creator Bill Barnes) of the force behind the hilarious comic Unshelved. He’s also now the writer of an all-ages graphic novel called POOPY CLAWS, the story of a very messy cat. We talked to Ambaum about his new book and his upcoming plans.

Interview: Donna Gephart, author of Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen

Apr 27, 2012

Donna Gephart’s third novel, OLIVIA BEAN, TRIVIA QUEEN, is about a girl determined to get on “Jeopardy!” Her father left the family two years before and is living in California, the same state where Olivia would go to tape the program. If she makes it on the game show, will this also give her a chance to patch things up with her dad? Answering trivia questions is easy compared to dealing with all the issues a 12-year-old has to face. In this interview, conducted by’s Danica Davidson, Gephart talks about the creation of Olivia, explains how she got into writing middle-grade books, and reveals if she’d ever go on “Jeopardy!” herself.