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Jane Yolen


Jane Yolen

[ Author photo © Jason Stemple ]

Jane Yolen

Books by Jane Yolen

by Jane Yolen and Chris Monroe - Action Adventure, Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Children (Ages 9-12), Fiction

Trash Mountain is a charming, yet powerful story that follows a young squirrel who finds himself alone in the world when his parents are suddenly killed. Jane Yolen has crafted a compelling array of characters, including young Nutley, wise Larie, and loyal Naw. The age-old battle between the grey squirrels and the reds is captivating and young readers will also detect subtle themes concerning species diversity and evolution.

Written by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple with illustrations by Melissa Sweet - Children (Ages 0-6), Children (Ages 6-8), Family, Fiction

As a mother describes to her child how many species of birds nest, from pigeons on concrete ledges to owls in oak tree boles to swallows above barn doors. The soothing refrain of “you nest here with me” eases her little one and readers alike to slumber.

by Jane Yolen and Katie May Green - Children (Ages 6-8), Children's, Fiction, Historical , Holocaust
The Nazis may have taken their home, but the family still has a guardian angel.
In this emotionally rich story, a little girl and her family live happily in Paris until Nazi soldiers arrive druing World War II. She and her family must flee or risk being sent to a concentration camp, so they run into the woods, where they meet resistance fighters. But they're still not safe. They must cross tall mountains and sail in a rickety boat to England. Yet the whole time they're struggling to survive, the little girl thinks of the stone angel near their apartment in Paris and imagines it watching over her family.
by Jane Yolen - Children (Ages 9-12), Fantasy

Young James is sent to Cranford Abbey to be straightened out, but the abbey is falling into disrepair. The new Abbot, Aelian, plans to use his family's recipe for golden apple cider to raise enough money for the restoration of the abbey. Problem is, the unicorns in the forest feast solely on the needed golden apples. When all else fails, James must step forward and become the hero Cranford Abbey needs.

by Jane Yolen - Children (8 to 11), Fantasy, Fiction

One night during the Perseid meteor shower, Arianne thinks she sees a shooting star land in the fields surrounding her family’s horse farm. About a year later, one of their horses gives birth to a baby centaur. The family has enough attention already as Arianne’s six-year-old brother was born with birth defects caused by an experimental drug—the last thing they need is more scrutiny. But their clients soon start growing suspicious. Just how long is it possible to keep a secret? And what will happen if the world finds out?

written by Jane Yolen with illustrations by Kelly Murphy - Children (Ages 0-6), Children (Ages 6-8)

Stretching, twirling, tumbling, jumping! Welcome to a playground teeming with monsters, bristling with energy, and scaring up fun. Monsters swing and slide and piggyback ride. Monsters run three-legged races and fall on their faces. Monsters eat monster-sicles and vie for the fountain. Wild and whimsical artwork revs up a read-aloud text that will have little listeners jumping up to join the action.

Written by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Mark Teague - Children's, Fiction, Holiday, Judiasm

The dinosaurs are back, but this time they're stomping through Chanukah.  This story will become a family classic with it's warmth and cheer and will be requested again and again.

written by Jane Yolen illustrated by Mike Cavallaro - Graphic Novel