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John Flanagan


John Flanagan

John Flanagan's bestselling Ranger's Apprentice adventure series originally comprised twenty short stories, which John wrote to encourage his 12-year-old son, Michael, to enjoy reading. The series has come a long way since then. Now sold to more than 20 countries, the series regularly appears on the New York Times Bestseller List and has been shortlisted for children's book awards in Australia and overseas. John, a former television and advertising writer, lives with his wife, Leonie, in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly. He is currently writing further titles in the Ranger's Apprentice series as well as the exciting new Brotherband series.

John Flanagan

Books by John Flanagan

by John Flanagan - Action Adventure, Fantasy

Hal and his fellow Herons have returned home to Skandia after defeating the pirate captain Zavac and reclaiming Skandia's most prized artifact, the Andomal. With their honor restored, the Herons turn to a new mission: tracking down an old rival turned bitter enemy. Tursgurd --- eader of the Shark Brotherband and Hal's constant opponent --- as turned from a bullying youth into a pirate and slave trader. After Tursgud captures twelve Araluen villagers to sell as slaves, the Heron crew sails into action  . . .  with the help of one of Araluen's finest Rangers!

by John Flanagan - Action, Action Adventure, Adventure, Children (Ages 9-12), Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 10+

As an apprentice Ranger under Halt, Will Treaty grew into a legend --- the finest Ranger the kingdom has ever known. Yet Will is facing a tragic battle that has left him grim and alone. To add to his problems, the time has come to take on an apprentice of his own, and it’s the last person he ever would have expected. Fighting his personal demons, Will has to win the trust and respect of his difficult new companion --- a task that at times seems almost impossible.

by John Flanagan - Action Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 10+

Hal and his brotherband crew are hot on the trail of the pirate Zavac to stop the bloodthirsty thief before he can do more damage. If Hal is to succeed, he will need to go beyond his brotherband training. He will need to challenge the pirate one-on-one, knowing only one of them will survive.

by John Flanagan - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 10+

After being cast out of Skandia for failing to guard the sacred Andomal artifact, Hal and the Herons set out in pursuit to reclaim the Andomal and their former glory. It will take more than desire to overcome ruthless pirates, though, and the battle has only just begun.

by John Flanagan - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Fiction

A kingdom teeters on the edge of chaos when the Nihon-Ja emperor, a defender of the common man, is forcibly overthrown, and only Horace, Will and his Araluen companions can restore the emperor to the throne. Victory lies in the hands of an inexperienced group of fighters, and it's anybody's guess who will make the journey home to Araluen.

by John Flanagan - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Fiction

The renegade outlaw group known as the Outsiders has journeyed from kingdom to kingdom, conning the innocent out of their few valuables. Will and Halt, his mentor, are ambushed by the cult's deadly assassins when Halt is pierced by a poisoned arrow. Now Will must travel day and night in search of the one person with the power to cure Halt: Malkallam the Sorcerer.