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Matt Tavares


Matt Tavares

Matt Tavares

Books by Matt Tavares

written by Alicia Potter, illustrated by Matt Tavares - Children (Ages 6-8), Children (Ages 8-10), Children's Nonfiction, History, Picture

As a young boy growing up in Ireland, Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore loved music — the louder, the better! This love of music followed him to Boston in 1849, where he became a bandleader. During the brutal Civil War, it was music that kept up his spirits and those of his fellow soldiers. So when the war ended and peace was restored to the country, Patrick had an idea. He would create the biggest, boldest, loudest concert the world had ever known to celebrate. A peace jubilee! But with twelve cannons, forty church bells, one thousand musicians, and ten thousand singers, just how would all of this sound? Matt Tavares’s spirited illustrations burst with sound words in perfect harmony with Alicia Potter’s triumphant story of the joy of music.

by Matt Tavares - Baseball, Biography, Children's Nonfiction, Sports

A lively picture book biography of Ted Williams from Matt Tavares --- just in time for Fenway Park's centennial.

by Matt Tavares - Autobiography, Baseball, Biography, Children's Nonfiction

Matt Tavares's homage to one of baseball's legends offers a rare view into Babe Ruth's formative years in "the House that built Ruth."

Written by Kristin Kladstrup, Illustrated by Matt Tavares - Children's, Fiction, Holiday

Captain Cookie steptaps away on a daring adventure to find his pirate crew --- and rescue them from that mysterious character he’s heard about: a cannibal named Santa Claus.