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Megan McDonald


Megan McDonald

Megan McDonald is the creator of the popular and award-winning Judy Moody and Stink series. She is also the author of three Sisters Club stories, ANT AND HONEY BEE: A PAIR OF FRIENDS AT HALLOWEEN, and many other books for children. She lives in Sebastopol, California.

Megan McDonald

Books by Megan McDonald

Written by Megan McDonald with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds - Children (Ages 6-8), Children's, Fiction, Youth Fiction

It’s Backwards Day, so Judy Moody double-dares herself to become Queen of the Good Mood for one whole week. Can she do it?

written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds - Youth Fiction

Judy and Stink and the whole Moody family hunker down with beans and batteries, ready to wait out the storm. But along with massive rain and strong winds, Hurricane Elmer throws down ghosts, squirrels, and aliens. Spooky! Just when things couldn’t possibly get any freakier — flicker, flicker, gulp! — the lights go O-U-T out. The Moodys are smack-dab in the middle of a big bad blackout! Grandma Lou proposes musical board games and some good old-fashioned storytelling. Will Hurricane Elmer go down in Moody family history as bad news, a happy memory, or simply an LBS (Long Boring Story)?

by Megan McDonald and Erwin Madrid - Children (Ages 0-6), Children's

Rocky is perfecting the tricks for his magic show when Judy Moody offers to be his assistant. Rocky agrees, but it turns out that Judy — or Stella the Spectacular as she calls herself — is the most UN-spectacular assistant ever. When she gets ketchup all over the magic rabbit, the Amazing Mr. Magic has had enough! Is Rocky’s magic good enough to mend his and Judy’s friendship? From Megan McDonald comes a Judy Moody story just right for newly independent readers.

written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds - Fiction, Mystery

The lucky penny in Judy Moody's pocket sure does seem to be working. She can't stop winning --- at bowling, spelling, the unbeatable Prize Claw, everything! She's confident she'll be able to ride that wave of good fortune all the way to Washington, D.C. But that was before her lucky penny did a belly flop into a porcelain bowl of yucky, blucky UNluck. Has the coin's magic gone kerflooey?

by Megan McDonald and Peter H. Reynolds

Chock-full of advice for the would-be sleuth and bursting with activities, here is an uber RARE diversion for fans of Judy and for anyone who loves a good mystery.

written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds - Children's, Fiction, Humor

There's only one week before the new book in the Nightmare on Zombie Street series comes out, and of corpse Stink will be first in line to buy his copy and join the town's Midnight Zombie Walk! Until then, Stink and his friends keep busy making ketchup-stained zombie costumes, trying to raise money to buy the book, and racking up points for Virginia Dare School's race to one million minutes of reading. 

written by Megan McDonald with illustrations by G. Brian Karas - Holiday

With only a few hours left till Cricket's costume party, Ant and Honey Bee must race to make a perfect, two-things-that-go-together pair of costumes. But then it starts to rain, and by the time they arrive, the proud pair looks more like a matching set of soggy sad sacks. Maybe, though, if they put their heads together, the quick-thinking friends can turn their mushy mess into a smashing success. What a pair!

written by Megan McDonald, illustrated by Peter Reynolds
by Megan McDonald and G. Brian Karas - Friendship , Illustrated , Children (Ages 6-8), Children's, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Nature

It’s time for bugs to hunker down and hide out for the winter. But Ant isn’t ready to be without her best friend Honey Bee for months on end. Can Ant brave the cold for one last visit before the snow flies? The author of the Judy Moody series teams up again with award-winning illustrator G. Brian Karas to show that true friends can weather whatever comes their way.