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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

December 2016


The Nian Monster Written by Andrea Wang and illustrated by Alina Chau. - Children's 4-7, Fairy Tale

Albert Whitman & Company | 9780807556429 | Published December 1, 2016

Tong tong! The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year. With horns, scales, and wide, wicked jaws, Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai, starting with Xingling! The old tricks to keep him away don't work on Nian anymore, but Xingling is clever. Will her quick thinking be enough to save the city from the Nian Monster?

Swimming with Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Clark by Heather Lang - Children's 5-9, Education, Science, Women's History

Albert Whitman & Company | 9780807521878 | Published December 1, 2016

Before Eugenie Clark's groundbreaking research, most people thought sharks were vicious, blood-thirsty killers. From the first time she saw a shark in an aquarium, Japanese-American Eugenie was enthralled. Instead of frightening and ferocious eating machines, she saw sleek, graceful fish gliding through the water. After she became a scientist --- an unexpected career path for a woman in the 1940s --- she began taking research dives and training sharks, earning her the nickname "The Shark Lady."

Everyday Magic by Emily Albright - Romance, Young Adult 12+

Macmillan Children's Books | 9781440598739 | Published December 2, 2016

Maggie's dad is a Hollywood director, and he has her whole life planned: Not only will she grow up to be an entertainment lawyer and work for him, he literally blackmails her to date the boy who's starring in his new movie. But Maggie loves Preston, the British boy who stole her heart, and despite the risk that her dad will make her mother miserable if she doesn't give in, Maggie decides to go for it, designing a red-carpet gown for a young duchess that puts her and the duchess in the limelight. Once there, she turns to Preston and issues a challenge: Can a girl who has given up the glamorous life any other girl would the girl for him?

All Heart: My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer's Best by Carli Lloyd and Wayne Coffey - Biography, Children's 10-12, Sports

HMH Books for Young Readers | 9780544978690 | Published December 6, 2016

In the summer of 2015, the U.S. women’s national soccer team won the World Cup behind an epic performance by Carli Lloyd. Carli, a midfielder, scored three goals in the first sixteen minutes—the greatest goal-scoring effort in the history of World Cup finals. But there was a time when Carli almost quit soccer. She struggled with doubts and low confidence. Carli tells the full inspiring story of her journey to the top of the soccer world —-- an honest, action-packed account that takes readers inside the mind of a hardworking athlete.
Groundhog's Runaway Shadow by David Biedrzycki - Animals , Children's 4-8, Fiction, Friendship, Holiday, Humor

Charlesbridge | 9781580897341 | Published December 6, 2016

Phil and his shadow used to do everything together. But Phil got tired of Shadow shadowing him, so Shadow up and left. True friends, however, have a way of finding each other somehow. 

I Heart You Written by Meg Fleming with illustrations by Sarah Jane Wright. - Fiction, Holiday

Beach Lane Books | 9781442488953 | Published December 6, 2016

Little ones adore being independent and trying new things. But they also need Mom and Dad’s reassurance and snuggles. With her spare, lyrical text, debut author Meg Fleming captures the exuberance, the affection and the tender push-and-pull of life with a child. And illustrator Sarah Jane Wright’s evocative illustrations infuse the story with generous helpings of warmth and love.

I Will Love You Anyway Written by Mick Inkpen and illustrated by Chloe Inkpen. - Animals , Children's 4-6, Friendship

Aladdin | 9781481470995 | Published December 6, 2016

Dog is very badly behaved --- he destroys everything, chases cars, rolls in poo, and won’t stop running away! But when he finds himself lost and alone there is one person he knows he can always count on.

Jed and the Junkyard War by Steven Bohls - Children's 10-14, Humor, Science Fiction

Disney-Hyperion | 9781484729236 | Published December 6, 2016

At least until the morning of his twelfth birthday, when Jed wakes to discover his parents missing. Something is wrong. Really wrong. Jed just doesn't realize it's floating-city, violent-junk-storm, battling-metals, Frankensteined-scavengers kind of wrong. A cryptic list of instructions leads Jed into a mysterious world at war over...junk. Here, batteries and bottled water are currency, tremendously large things fall from the sky, and nothing is exactly what it seems.
Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina Young Readers Edition by Misty Copeland - Biography, Children's 8-12

Aladdin | 9781481479790 | Published December 6, 2016

As the first African-American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland has been breaking down all kinds of barriers in the world of dance. But when she first started dancing—at the late age of thirteen --- no one would have guessed the shy, underprivileged girl would one day make history in her field.
Love You Too Written by Alastair Heim with illustrations by Alisa Coburn - Animals , Children's, Children's 4-8, Family, Fiction, Friendship

little bee books | 9781499801743 | Published December 6, 2016

It’s another bright morning, and there’s a whole day of fun activities ahead! Over the course of a day, a father and his little piglet wake up, get dressed, eat pancakes with syrup, ride bicycles, go on the swings, eat lunch, play hide-and-seek, take a bath and then get ready for bed, eager for the next day to come. This rhythmic call-and-response picture book is an entertaining and interactive reading experience perfect for children who like hands-on books. 

Peter Powers and the Rowdy Robot Raiders! Written by Kent Clark and Brandon T. Snider. Illustrated by Dave Bardin. - Adventure, Children's 4-6, Humor

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers | 9780316359412 | Published December 6, 2016

Everyone in Peter Powers' family has super awesome superpowers --- except Peter. All he can do is make ice cubes and flash freeze little stuff. At least his brother and sister have finally stopped picking on him --- mostly. But at school, an even more menacing bully has it out for Peter and his friends. As if that wasn't enough, Boulder City is being raided by robots! When his parents are captured, will Peter and his siblings be able to work together and save the day? Or will the town --- and possibly the world--be iced?
Stormwalker by Mike Revell - Children's 10+, Family, Fantasy

Quercus | 9781681444932 | Published December 6, 2016

Ever since his mother died, 11-year-old Owen has felt lost. He's drifting apart from his dad, his grades are dropping, and the only thing keeping him sane are the soccer trials coming up.
Then, in the middle of school one day, he is sucked out of real life and thrown into a desolate alternative world, a largely deserted wasteland where a menacing storm of Darkness plagues the city, threatening his life and the lives of the people who dwell there.
The End of Olympus by Kate O'Hearn - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Friendship

Aladdin | 9781481447171 | Published December 6, 2016

After the events in Hawaii, Emily is contending with diminished powers, a new body, and the fact that she has to teach the Titan Lorin how to use her own powers. To make matters worse, Joel has been acting strangely towards her ever since she changed, and it’s all become too much. However, Emily has one last promise to fulfil: to save Agent B from the secret government agency called the CRU. But when Emily, Pegasus, Joel, and Paelen arrive in London, they discover that Agent B has been captured by the CRU and the only way to free him is for Emily and Lorin to surrender.

The Friend Ship by Kat Yeh and Chuck Groenink - Animals , Children's 3-6, Friendship

Disney-Hyperion | 9781484707265 | Published December 6, 2016

Little Hedgehog is very lonely. But then she overhears passersby talking about something that gives her hope-something called a Friend Ship! 

The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story by Nancy Rose - Animals , Children's 3-6

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers | 9780316272636 | Published December 6, 2016

A brand new companion sure to surprise and enchant readers young and old! Mr. Peanuts spends his days climbing trees and gathering nuts --- but he wishes he had another squirrel to share his time with. When he meets a special squirrel friend, he soon finds himself falling in love! They visit the bookstore, go to the park, and have a romantic candlelit dinner. Will Mr. Peanuts get his happily ever after?

The Stars: A New Way to See Them by H. A. Rey - Children's 10-12, Science

HMH Books for Young Readers | 9780544763432 | Published December 6, 2016

This is a clear, vivid text with charts and maps showing the positions of the constellations the year round.

What Color Is a Kiss? by Rocio Bonilla - Children's 3-5, Family Life

Charlesbridge | 9781580897396 | Published December 6, 2016

This sweet, heartwarming story asks one simple question: What color is a kiss? Sassy and intrepid Monica loves to paint and sees her world in every color of the rainbow, but this question nags at her. She paints and paints, hoping to discover the answer. With the help of her mother, Monica discovers that kisses and love come in all colors.

What Do You Love About You? by Karen Lechelt - Animals , Children's 4-6, Friendship

Bloomsbury USA Childrens | 9781681190938 | Published December 6, 2016

This fresh, stylish picture book with unique graphic art encourages everyone to be true to yourself and embrace what makes you different.

Yoga Bunny by Brian Russo - Animals , Children's, Children's 4-8, Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062429520 | Published December 6, 2016

Even bunnies do yoga! It's a perfect day for yoga, and Bunny is practicing his poses and wishes his friends would do yoga with him! But Lizard is too tired, Fox is in a rush, and Bird has the hiccups. Will Bunny ever be able to get his friends to slow down and realize that yoga just might be the solution to their problems?

Word of Mouse Written by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. Illustrated by Joe Sutphin. - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12

jimmy patterson | 9780316349567 | Published December 12, 2016


What makes Isaiah so unique? First, his fur is as blue as the sky --- which until recently was something he'd never seen, but had read all about. That's right ---Isaiah can read, and write. He can also talk to humans...if any of them are willing to listen! After a dramatic escape from a mysterious laboratory, Isaiah is separated from his "mischief" (which is the word for a mouse family), and has to use his special skills to survive in the dangerous outdoors, and hopefully find his missing family.

Chicken Story Time Written by Sandy Asher with illustrations by Mark Fearing. - Animals , Children's 3-5, Fiction, Friendship

Dial Books | 9780803739444 | Published December 13, 2016

The children like the chicken, the chicken likes the children and everyone loves story time. So it’s no surprise that more children (and more chickens!) get in on the fun until there are more kids and critters than the librarian knows what to do with. 

Five Days of Famous by Alyson Noël - Children's 10+

Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 9780553537963 | Published December 13, 2016

A dream is a wish your heart makes...when your life is in desperate need of a makeover. Nick Dashaway would know. Either he makes it big this year in seventh grade or he risks being a nobody forever. Enter the Greentree Middle School Talent Show, hosted by teen sensation Josh Frost. The show might just be Nick’s ticket out of loserville. But popularity doesn’t come easy, and when Nick is forcibly ejected from the stage, he feels like he’s out of options. 
Lotus and Feather by Ji-li Jiang and Julie Downing - Animals

Disney-Hyperion | 9781423127543 | Published December 13, 2016

A winter illness left Lotus, a little girl, without a voice and without friends. A hunter's bullet left Feather, a crane, injured and unable to fly. As Lotus nurses Feather back to health, their bond grows. Soon Feather is following Lotus everywhere, even to school! The bird dances to the girl's reed whistle, much to the delight of the other children. One day, when the village floods, Feather helps raise the alarm as Lotus and her grandfather urge their neighbors to get to high ground. Feather is a true friend to Lotus, but the time comes when Lotus must be a true friend to him --- by encouraging him to migrate with the rest of the cranes.

Hedgehugs and the Hattiepillar Written by Steve Wilson with illustrations by Lucy Tapper - Animals , Children's, Fiction, Friendship

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) | 9781627798471 | Published December 13, 2016

It's spring! And everything is colorful --- rainbows in the sky and flowers blossoming on trees. When Horace and Hattie Hedgehog see a caterpillar become a butterfly and take flight, they decide to try a transformation of their own. When these two best friends put their minds to solving a problem, nothing can stand in their way!

Kids Meet the Presidents 3rd Edition by Paul Rodhe - Children's 3-6, Education

Applesauce Press | 9781604336573 | Published December 13, 2016

It’s time to MEET THE PRESIDENTS! Learn about the lives, successes, and challenges of each president throughout history in a fun, colorful format with die-cut illustrations of presidential portraits throughout. Every president is showcased on a double-page spread, presenting themselves to kids as if the leader were addressing the reader personally.