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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

July 2014


A Horse Called Hero by Sam Angus - Historical Fiction

Feiwel & Friends | 9781250045089 | Published July 1, 2014

On the brink of World War II, a family forced out of their London home flees to the country. Wolfie and his older sister Dodo are devastated to leave behind everything they’ve ever known, but they begin settling into their new life. 

One day, they come across an orphaned fowl, which they raise as Hero, a strong and beautiful horse who lives up to his name when he saves the children from a fire.

Bewitched in Oz by Laura J. Burns - Fantasy, Youth Fiction

Capstone Young Readers | 9781623701291 | Published July 1, 2014

Even though sorcery is forbidden in Oz, Zerie Greenapple is determined to use her magic. When the Flying Monkeys find Zerie and her friends using magic, one of their gang is captured. Three friends go on the run through the wild landscapes of Oz to try and find Glinda the Good, who they hope will save them from the evil Princess Ozma. But will magic be enough to lead these three friends to safety? This exciting tale of adventure and fantasy will surround readers in a world of complexity, where the truth is always shifting and the integrity of friendship is constantly questioned.

Conversion by Katherine Howe - Suspense/Thriller, Youth Fiction

Putnam Juvenile | 9780399167775 | Published July 1, 2014

If An Armadillo Went to a Restaurant written by Ellen Fischer, illustrated by Laura Wood - Children (Ages 0-6), Nature, Picture

Scarletta Kids | 9781938063398 | Published July 1, 2014

Slurp, munch, crunch! Little hands will be turning the page to find out the real meals of animals! Would an armadillo order spaghetti with meatballs if she went to a restaurant? No way! Through a series of humorous questions and answers, young readers learn about animals, where they live, and what they eat.

My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I am Not.) by Peter Brown - Children's, Picture

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers | 9780316070294 | Published July 1, 2014

A young boy named Bobby has the worst teacher. She's loud, she yells, and if you throw paper airplanes, she won't allow you to enjoy recess. She is a monster! Luckily, Bobby can go to his favorite spot in the park on weekends to play. Until one day... he finds his teacher there! Over the course of one day, Bobby learns that monsters are not always what they seem.
None the Number: A Huey Book by Oliver Jeffers - Children's, Picture

Philomel | 9780399257698 | Published July 1, 2014

"Is none a number?" you might ask. I'm glad you did. The answer is Yes! For example, how many lumps of cheese do you see next to you? The answer, depending on where you are, is likely "none." Counting with the reader all the way up to ten, the Hueys explain numbers as only they can. Such as: The number 4 is the number of tantrums thrown by Dave every day. 7 is the number of oranges balanced on things. And 9 is the number of seagulls who attacked Frank's French fries. Together they make quite a spectacle. But when you take away all of these fun illustrations in the book? You're left with none!

Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch - Dystopian Fiction, Youth Fiction

Entangled: Teen | 9781622662685 | Published July 1, 2014

Ever since the government passed legislation allowing people to be genetically engineered and raised as pets, the rich and powerful can own beautiful girls like sixteen-year-old Ella as companions. But when Ella moves in with her new masters and discovers the glamorous life she's been promised isn't at all what it seems, she's forced to choose between a pampered existence full of gorgeous gowns and veiled threats, or seizing her chance at freedom with the boy she's come to love, risking both of their lives in a daring escape no one will ever forget.

Pumpkin Time! written by Doug Cushman, illustrated by Erzsi Deak - Children's, Holiday, Picture

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky | 9781402295263 | Published July 1, 2014

The day the cows strolled down Main Street in fancy hats...Evy didn't notice. What was Evy doing? Evy is so focused on watching her garden grow that she misses all the silliness going on around her—pigs DANCING, donkeys FLYING, and sheep HAVING A PICNIC. But after Evy's spent all year taking care of her garden, everyone's invited to pumpkin time!

Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson - Children's, Dystopian

St. Martin's Griffin | 9781250053534 | Published July 1, 2014

In the village of Martindale, hundreds of miles north of the new English capital of Windsor, sixteen-year-old Silver Blackthorn takes the Reckoning. This coming-of- age test not only decides her place in society – Elite, Member, Inter or Trog – but also determines that Silver is to become an Offering for King Victor.

The Actual & Truthful Adentures of Becky Thatcher written by Jessica Lawson, illustrated by Iacopo Bruno - Children's

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers | 9781481401500 | Published July 1, 2014

Tom Sawyer’s and Huckleberry Finn’s adventures are legendary, but what about the story you haven’t heard? In 1860, eleven-year-old Becky Thatcher is the new girl in town, determined to have adventures like she promised her brother Jon before he died. With her Mama frozen in grief and her Daddy busy as town judge, Becky spends much of her time on her own, getting into mischief.