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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

February 2013


Daniel for Lunch: The Tasty Tale of Daniel in the Lions' Den by Kelly Pulley - Bible Studies, Children's, Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction

David C. Cook | 9781434703675 | Published February 1, 2013

What happens to Daniel after he refuses to pray to King Darius, and prays to God instead? He finds himself in a den full of hungry lions! Find out how Daniel is rescued --- and how the king's wicked helpers get a punishment they deserve!

The Biggest and Toughest: The Short Story of David's Big Faith by Kelly Pulley - Bible Studies, Children's, Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction

David C. Cook | 9780781406239 | Published February 1, 2013

Teach your children about God's strength and love for His people with this rhyming story about David and Goliath. With fun illustrations and a quirky rhyming text, your kids will discover that despite David's small stature, his courage and belief in God see him through when he stands up to the Philistine army.

Better Nate Than Ever by Tim Federle - Fiction, Humor

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers | 9781442446892 | Published February 5, 2013

His whole life, Nate Foster has wanted to star in a Broadway show. But how is Nate supposed to make his dreams come true when he’s stuck in Jankburg, Pennsylvania, where no one appreciates a good show tune? Nate plans a daring overnight escape to New York. There’s an open casting call for "E.T.: The Musical" and it could be the difference between small-town blues and big-time stardom.

Big Nate Flips Out by Lincoln Peirce - Children (Ages 8-10), Comic Book, Fiction, Humor

HarperCollins | 9780061996634 | Published February 5, 2013

Everyone knows N-A-T-E does not equal N-E-A-T! And when Nate's sloppiness gets out of hand, his best friend, Francis, is in serious trouble. Can Nate clean up his act, or will he flip out first?

Flora and the Flamingo by Molly Idle - Children's, Picture

Chronicle Books | 9781452110066 | Published February 5, 2013

In this innovative wordless picture book with interactive flaps, Flora and her graceful flamingo friend explore the trials and joys of friendship through an elaborate synchronized dance.  Full of humor and heart, this stunning performance (and splashy ending!) will have readers clapping for more!

Infinity Ring, Book Three: The Trap Door by Lisa McMann - Action Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller

Scholastic Inc. | 9780545386982 | Published February 5, 2013

The year is 1850, and the nation is divided over the issue of slavery. The Underground Railroad provides a light of hope, helping runaway slaves escape to freedom. But the SQ has taken control of the Underground Railroad from within. Now Dak and Sera are left wondering who to trust...while Riq risks everything to save the life of a young boy.

Ivy in the Shadows by Chris Woodworth - Family Life, Children (Ages 8-10), Family Relationships, Fiction

Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) | 9780374335663 | Published February 5, 2013

After Ivy's stepfather disappears, Ivy's mama begins waitressing to make ends meet. She also takes in a boarder --- 12-year-old Caleb, who's weirdest guy she's ever met. With Mama working full-time, Ivy has to babysit her little brother, JJ; fend off the nosy Pastor Harold; stop Caleb from filling JJ's head with lies; and keep her best friend from knowing anything about her situation at home.
My Father's Arms are a Boat written by Stein Erik Lunde, illustrated by Øyvind Torseter and translated by kari dickson - Children (Ages 0-6)

Enchanted Lion Books | 9781592701247 | Published February 5, 2013

It's quieter than it's ever been. Unable to sleep, a young boy climbs into his father's arms. Feeling the warmth and closeness of his father, he begins to ask questions about the birds, the foxes, and whether his mom will ever wake up. They go outside under the starry sky. Loss and love are as present as the white spruces, while the father's clear answers and assurances calm his worried son. Here we feel the cycles of life and life's continuity, even in the face of absence and loss, so strongly and clearly that we know at the end that everything will, somehow, be all right.

Play Makers: Game Changers, Book Two by Mike Lupica - Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Relationships

Scholastic Press | 9780545381833 | Published February 5, 2013

Ben is known as the best point guard throughout the league. And now that Shawn O'Brien has joined their team, they are a shoo-in to win it all. But there is a new point guard in town, Chase Braggs, who seems to be better, stronger and faster. Ben's rivalry with Chase seems to take the fun out of playing ball with his best friends. Will Ben be able to pull it together for his team and for himself?

The Colossus Rises: Seven Wonders, Book One by Peter Lerangis - Action Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Fantasy, Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062070401 | Published February 5, 2013

Jack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem. In a few months, he's going to die. The only way to save himself is to find and combine seven magic loculi. This won't be easy because The loculi are the relics of a lost civilization and haven't been seen in thousands of years. They're hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Fourth Stall Part III by Chris Rylander - Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Humor, Mystery

Walden Pond Press | 9780062120052 | Published February 5, 2013

Mac and Vince think that their business is over and that they can take a break. But that was before things at their middle school started to go haywire. Before they found out that there's a new crime boss at a school another town over trying to consolidate power. And before their old nemesis, Staples, came back to town begging for help after his stint in the clink.

Unlucky Charms: The Cold Cereal Saga by Adam Rex - Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Humor

Balzer + Bray | 9780062060051 | Published February 5, 2013

Have you seen Scottish Play Doe? Last sighted en route to England, Scott is reportedly searching for a rift in the space-time continuum so that he might save the queen and convince the fairy court to stop their so-called invasion. Kids today, right? Too many wizard books, not enough fresh air, if you want our opinion.

Prince Puggly of Spud and the Kingdom of Spiff by Robert Paul Weston - Children (Ages 9-12), Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Poetry

Razorbill | 9781595145673 | Published February 7, 2013

Prince Puggly of the muddy, terminally unfashionable Kingdom of Spud is surprised when he receives an invitation to a lavish ball in the Kingdom of Spiff. Puggly is sure that the Spiffs will laugh him out of their kingdom. And that’s exactly what they do...But then Puggly meets Francesca, the bookish Princess of Spiff, and together the two set out to teach the Spiffians an absurd lesson in style.

A Dash of Magic: A Bliss Novel by Kathryn Littlewood - Family Life, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Social

Katherine Tegen Books | 9780062084293 | Published February 12, 2013

Rosemary Bliss will do anything to get back her family's magical Cookery Booke.That's why she challenges Aunt Lily to an international baking competition in Paris: If Rose wins, Lily agrees to return the Cookery Booke that she stole. If Rose loses . . . well, the consequences are too ugly to think about. But Lily is using a magical ingredient to cheat.Together with her long-lost grandpa, his sarcastic talking cat, and a French mouse, Rose and her brothers race around Paris to find essential—and elusive—magical ingredients that will help her outbake her conniving aunt. She has to win or the Bliss Cookery Booke will be lost to her family forever.

Becoming Babe Ruth by Matt Tavares - Autobiography, Baseball, Biography, Children's Nonfiction

Candlewick | 9780763656461 | Published February 12, 2013

Matt Tavares's homage to one of baseball's legends offers a rare view into Babe Ruth's formative years in "the House that built Ruth."

Beholding Bee by Kimberly Newton Fusco - Fiction

Knopf Books for Young Readers | 9780375868368 | Published February 12, 2013

Bee is an orphan who lives with a carnival and sleeps in the back of a tractor trailer. Every day she endures taunts for the birthmark on her face. Then, a scruffy dog shows up, and Bee realizes that she must find a home for them both. She runs off to a house with gingerbread trim. There two mysterious women, Mrs. Swift and Mrs. Potter, take her in. And, strangely, only Bee seems able to see them.

Cloneward Bound: The Clone Chronicles, Book Two by M.E. Castle - Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Humor, Science Fiction

EgmontUSA | 9781606842331 | Published February 12, 2013

After somehow surviving the explosion at TechX Enterprises, Two is in Hollywood looking for his "mother." Fisher must bring him back to Palo Alto before his cloning secret is discovered. When a class field trip to see the Dr. Devilish science show arises, it becomes the perfect opportunity for Fisher to find his clone. But all kinds of complications will get in the way.

Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun Written by Liz Kessler, Illustrated by Natacha Ledwidge - Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Fantasy, Fiction

Candlewick | 9780763658243 | Published February 12, 2013

Strange storms are blowing up from the ocean, caused by the nightmares of Neptune, King of the Sea. Convinced that his dreams herald an approaching threat, Neptune enlists half-mermaids Emily Windsnap and Aaron for a top-secret mission to find and eliminate the source of the trouble. Deep within an alpine lake the two discover a trove of stolen memories and Neptune’s darkest secret.

Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 9780385737463 | Published February 12, 2013

After leaving Uncle Chester's homestead claim, Hattie Brooks throws a lasso around a new dream. She wants to be a reporter. Nothing can squash her desire to write for a big city newspaper. But, Hattie must first tell Charlie that she will not join him in Seattle. Hattie holds her own in the big city, but can making headlines compensate for the pain of betrayal and lost love?

The Odd Squad: Bully Bait by Michael Fry - Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Humor, Relationships

Hyperion Book CH | 9781423169246 | Published February 12, 2013

Seventh-grader Nick is forced to join the school’s lamest club by his well-intentioned guidance counselor  --- along with fellow misfits Molly and Karl --- in her quest to cure all three of their “peer allergies.” What starts off as a reluctant band of hopeless oddballs morphs into an effective and empowered team ready to face whatever middle school throws at them.

Destiny, Rewritten by Kathryn Fitzmaurice - Family Life, Careers, Education, Social

Katherine Tegen Books | 9780061625015 | Published February 19, 2013

Emily Elizabeth Davis' destiny is to become a poet, just like her famous namesake, Emily Dickinson. But Emily doesn't even really like poetry. Then, just after discovering a special volume of Emily Dickinson's poetry contains an important family secret, she loses it. As Emily and her friends search for the lost book, Emily's understanding of destiny begins to unravel and then rewrite itself.
Take Me Out to the Yakyu by Aaron Mehon - Children (Ages 0-6), Culture, Fiction, Sports

Atheneum Books for Young Readers | 9781442441774 | Published February 19, 2013

You may know that baseball is the Great American Pastime, but did you know that it is also a beloved sport in Japan? Come along with one little boy and his grandfathers, one in America and one in Japan, as he learns about baseball and its rich, varying cultural traditions.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Harper Design | 9780062018083 | Published February 19, 2013

THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ is more colorful and enchanting than you remember in this gorgeous illustrated edition of L. Frank Baum’s classic, a remarkable interpretation by celebrated artist Michael Sieben.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell - Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

St. Martin's Griffin | 9781250012579 | Published February 26, 2013

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits --- smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love --- and just how hard it pulled you under.

Molly Moon & the Monster Music by Georgia Byng - Children (Ages 8-10), Fantasy, Fiction, Humor

HarperCollins | 9780061661631 | Published February 26, 2013

Molly is back --- and she's a rock star. In this fun-filled conclusion to the Molly Moon series, Molly faces the music --- the hypnotic music --- of a magical coin that has the power to enslave its listeners...and turn them into monsters!

Precocia: The Sixth Circle of Heck by Dale E. Basye - Children (Ages 9-12), Fantasy, Fiction

Random House Books for Young Readers | 9780375868351 | Published February 26, 2013

Bea "Elsa" Bubb, the Principal of Darkness sends Milton and Marlo Fauster to Precocia, the circle of Heck for smartypants kids who grow up too fast. Soon, the Fausters realize that Precocia's vice principals Napoleon and Cleopatra want more than to hasten adulthood --- they seem to want to eliminate childhood altogether. Can Milton and Marlo figure out their plan in time to stop it?

The Fellowship for Alien Detection by Kevin Emerson - Action Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10), Fantasy, Fiction

Walden Pond Press | 9780062071859 | Published February 26, 2013

Haley and Dodger don't have much in common. Of course, this was all before they heard about the missing people, the untraceable radio signals, the unexplained phenomena. Before they both became the first recipients of a summer research grant from a certain mysterious foundation. Before they discovered that their fledgling theories about extraterrestrial life were all too accurate.

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis - Children (Ages 8-10), Fiction, Graphic Novel, Humor, Mystery

Candlewick | 9780763660505 | Published February 26, 2013

Take 11-year-old Timmy Failure --- the clueless, self-confident CEO of the best detective agency in town, perhaps even the nation. Add his lazy business partner, a large polar bear named Total. Throw in the Failuremobile --- Timmy’s mom’s Segway --- and what you have is Total Failure, Inc., a global enterprise destined to make Timmy so rich his mother won’t stress out about the bills anymore.


Chickenhare by Chris Grine

Graphix | 9780545485081 | Published February 1, 2013

Chickenhare is not only hilarious, but it’s great fun, as well. Writer/artist Chris Grine is adept at telling a kids’ story with the requisite thrills and adventures, and it's a blast seeing this formerly black-and-white comic reborn in full color.

Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby

Scholastic Paperbacks | 9780545274258 | Published February 1, 2013

Trapped in a hidden fortress tucked between towering mountains and a frozen sea, Solveig --- along with her brother the crown prince, their older sister and an army of restless warriors --- anxiously awaits news of her father's victory at battle. But as winter stretches on, and the unending ice refuses to break, terrible acts of treachery soon make it clear that a traitor lurks in their midst.

The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy) by Jennifer A. Nielsen - Children's, Fiction

Scholastic Paperbacks | 9780545284141 | Published February 1, 2013

Lose the game, lose your life. The first book in the high-charged Ascendance Trilogy.

Alexis Gets Frosted by Coco Simon - Children (Ages 8-10), Children (Ages 9-12), Children's, Fiction

Simon Spotlight | 9781442468672 | Published February 5, 2013

Alexis has true friends in the Cupcake Club—which is a good thing, because everyone else is calling her names. The new girl, Olivia, is mean to Alexis and Alexis has no idea why...until she remembers an offhand remark she made about Olivia. It wasn’t meant to be mean, but did Olivia take it the wrong way? If Alexis is willing to shoulder some blame, will Olivia call off the teasing campaign?
Somebody, Please Tell Me Who I Am by Harry Mazer and Peter Lerangis - Ficton , Young Adult 12+

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers | 9781416938965 | Published February 5, 2013

My Family for the War by Anne C. Voorhoeve - Historical Fiction

Speak | 9780142423943 | Published February 7, 2013

When World War II breaks out, Franziska Mangold is torn from her family in Berlin when she boards the Kindertransport, the train that secretly carried nearly ten thousand children out of Nazi territory to safety in England. Taken in by strangers who soon become more like family than her own parents, Frances (as she becomes known) courageously pieces together a new life for herself. But how will she cope when the war ends and she must choose whether to stay with her new family or return to the people she left behind?

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy, Fiction

Aladdin | 9781416997955 | Published February 12, 2013

After the cliffhanger ending of A WORLD WITHOUT HEROES, Jason is back in the world he’s always known --- yet for all his efforts to get home, he finds himself itching to return to Lyrian. Jason knows that the shocking truth he learned from Maldor is precious information that all of his friends in Lyrian, including Rachel, need if they have any hope of surviving and defeating the evil emperor.

In Disguise!: Undercover with Real Women Spies by Ryan Ann Hunter and Jeanette Little - History, Nonfiction

Aladdin/Beyond Words | 9781582703824 | Published February 12, 2013

Spanning more than 300 years and numerous countries, IN DISGUISE! details the lives of some of history’s most daring women, all of whom risked their lives to stand up for their beliefs. Originally published a decade ago, this fully updated and expanded edition profiles twenty-eight daring international secret agents.
The Apothecary by Maile Meloy

Puffin | 9780142422069 | Published February 12, 2013

It's 1952, and the Scott family has just moved from Los Angeles to London. Here, 14-year-old Janie meets a mysterious apothecary and his son, Benjamin Burrows --- a fascinating boy who is not afraid to stand up to authority and dreams of becoming a spy. When Benjamin's father is kidnapped, Janie and Benjamin must uncover the secrets of the apothecary's sacred book, the Pharmacopoeia, in order to find him, all while keeping it out of the hands of their enemies --- Russian spies in possession of nuclear weapons.

There Goes Ted Williams: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived by Matt Tavares - Baseball, Biography, Children's Nonfiction, Sports

Candlewick | 9780763665579 | Published February 12, 2013

A lively picture book biography of Ted Williams from Matt Tavares --- just in time for Fenway Park's centennial.

King of the Mound: My Summer with Satchel Paige by Wes Tooke - Children's, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Sports

Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers | 9781442433472 | Published February 19, 2013

Nick, an aspiring star baseball player, is diagnosed with polio, a life-threatening disease in the 1930s. He seems to be the only one who thinks he can get back in the game. Then Nick meets Satchel Paige, who faces obstacles of his own --- his skin color prevents him from joining the major leagues --- and he encourages Nick to overcome the odds and step out of the dugout.

Pinch Hit by Tim Green - Children's, Fiction

HarperCollins | 9780062012470 | Published February 19, 2013

Trevor is a Hollywood star who wishes he could play baseball like a real kid. Sam is a real kid who wouldn’t mind taking a swing at acting. It seems everything might work out if the boys switch places. That is, if they can get away with it.

The White of their Eyes: Benjamin Pratt & the Keepers of the School, Book 3 by Andrew Clements - Children's, Fiction

Atheneum Books for Young Readers | 9781416939092 | Published February 19, 2013

Sixth-graders Benjamin Pratt and Jill Acton are on a mission to save their historic school by the sea from being torn down to make way for an amusement park. An unlikely ally joins their quest to outwit Lyman, the creepy new janitor who seems to anticipate their every move.

Ballpark Mysteries #6: The Wrigley Riddle Written by David A. Kelly and illustrated by Mark Meyers - Children (Ages 6-8), Fiction, Sports

Random House Books for Young Readers | 9780307977762 | Published February 26, 2013

Ivy-covered walls --- they're the most famous part of the Chicago Cubs' historic ballpark, Wrigley Field. Mike and Kate can't wait to get down on the field to see the ivy for themselves. But when they do, they're horrified to discover patches of the ivy have been ripped away! Who would want to sabotage the stadium? Is the rumor of a treasure hidden under the ivy tempting greedy fans?

Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game by Ridley Pearson - Action Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery

Hyperion Book CH | 9781423171959 | Published February 26, 2013

As the five Kingdom Keepers enter high school, everything is about to change. The Maintenance Base that controls all four parks in Disney World is under attack by the Overtakers, a group determined to change Disney forever. Relationships between the Keepers are no longer as simple as they once were. In fact, nothing is as simple as it once was.

Snivel: The Fifth Circle of Heck by Dale E. Basye - Adventure, Fiction, Humor

Yearling | 9780375868061 | Published February 26, 2013

Milton and Marlo are sent to Snivel, the circle of Heck reserved for crybabies, a dismal camp where it’s always raining, and Unhappy Campers are besieged by swarms of strange mosquitoes that suck the color right out of them. After Marlo gets chosen for a special project and never comes back, Milton makes up his mind to find her and all the other children who have gone missing.