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Hi Kidsreaders,

I hope you are in the middle of an excellent summer! For some of you, this might mean a cross-country road trip to one of the National Parks, countless hours spent swimming in the community pool, or a chance to sleep well into the afternoon hours. For many, though, it involves a long-held American tradition: summer camp.

I went for years myself. First came day camp, where I distinctly remember writing a postcard to a fictional, recently-come-back-from-the-dead teacher in a creative writing class and mastering Michael Jackson’s legendary “Thriller” moves in a dance class; it seems like there was a strong zombie theme here.

Kidsreads Newsletter for Parents


I hope you are in the middle of an excellent summer. While family time might have significantly increased for some of you --- maybe you're going on a trip to a National Park or your kids are spending their school-free days sleeping until noon and eating ice cream --- it's probably decreased for others. Why? That long-held American tradition: Summer camp!

I went for years myself, secluded in some New Hampshire woods where I learned about the powers of friendship bracelets (and the awesomeness that is the Chinese staircase stitch), the importance of letter-writing and how color war can turn innocent young’uns into diehard enemies. My camp also had a strange ritual of putting sugar on grilled cheese --- trust me, it’s delicious (and sorry if I just gave you something else to worry about when your children are away; trust me, they're eating just fine).