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Hi Kidsreaders!

Have you ever daydreamed about what it would be like if you had the power to hop into the worlds of your favorite books? I certainly have. First, I’d ask Harry, Ron and Hermione to give me a private tour of Hogwarts (using the Marauder’s Map, of course, so we’d be able to duck behind statues if any unwanted nemeses lurked nearby). Then, I’d jump into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and munch on mint grass and chocolate drops until I was full to bursting, at which point I’d ask the Oompa Loompas for some candy-making tips. Finally, I’d visit the title family from THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON in their island home, going on adventures with the brothers, playing on the beach and spying on all of the tropical wildlife.

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I would say that I hope you're having a good February, but considering the weather so many of you have been contending with --- particularly you New Englanders --- I feel like I might get a lot of eye-rolls and involuntary shivers in response. New York hasn't been too awful, comparatively, but I did visit my family in Boston last weekend and was shocked to see my childhood backyard transformed; trees had no trunks, the patio furniture was completely hidden under mounds of white and the snow literally reached my waist. I forced my dad to explore this winter wonderland with me --- see the picture of us frolicking on the right.