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Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton


Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton

What series is hotter than boiling cheese fondue, smoother than a cheddar cheesecake, and more delicious than a mozzarella milkshake? Find out here!

Q: What series is hotter than boiling cheese fondue, smoother than a cheddar cheesecake, and more delicious than a mozzarella milkshake?

A: The Geronimo Stilton adventures, featuring Geronimo Stilton himself.

As you might expect from a series starring a mouse, these books are full of the cheesiest puns ever! To add to the fun, each book is fully illustrated with funny drawings, colorfully expressive fonts, maps, character lists and pictures --- and much more. 

Geronimo (don't EVER call him "Gerry Berry," "Gerrykins," "Germeister" or any other nickname!) is the editor of New Mouse City's newspaper, The Rodent's Gazette. He is a mouse who loves the comforts of home and hates to travel, yet he finds himself journeying off on adventures with his thrill-seeking sister Thea, his jokester cousin Trap, and his favorite nephew Benjamin. Geronimo becomes a bestselling author by writing down his adventures in these books!

The Geronimo Stilton series books are international bestsellers. They were originally published in Italy (where they're the bestselling children's books, besting Harry Potter), and have been translated into 35 languages. Each book is a quick, feel-good read. Starting with the first book in the series, LOST TREASURE OF THE EMERALD EYE, these stories are as irresistible as a cheddar, Swiss and bleu cheese sandwich is to a starving mouse! With a new Geronimo Stilton adventure coming out each month, we can look forward to a frequent exciting good "tail"!

Geronimo Stilton / Thea Stilton

Books in this series

by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is a mouse and the editor of the newspaper The Rodent's Gazette. Beginning his adventures, Geronimo's sister Thea invites him on a treasure hunt. Well, who can resist that? Certainly not Geronimo, who joins Thea and their cousin Trap on a sea voyage to the island on the treasure map. 

by Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo falls in love with the gorgeous young countess Stephanie von Sugarfur, but she won't give him the time of day. He's so befuddled by romance that his family worries about him. They trick him into heading off to Butterfly Island to search for the legendary Valley of the Cheesettes --- the Eighth Wonder of the World! Geronimo is not an adventurous type --- he suffers all kinds of motion sickness! He hates flying, riding on boats, marching, camping, and everything else he'll have to endure in this story. Will he survive the journey? Will this adventure make any difference in his love life?

by Thea Stilton

Thea Stilton --- Geronimo’s sister --- and her friends are heading to Australia to solve a mystery. A flock of sheep at Nicky’s family’s ranch is losing all its wool, and the ranch depends on the wool to stay afloat! The five girls set off on an outback adventure across the country to find the sheep’s cure. Reviewed by Terry Miller Shannon.

by Geronimo Stilton - Children's, Fiction, Mystery

When Geronimo’s friend, Petunia Pretty Paws, gives him a crystal figurine of a boat as a gift, he has to accept it. After all, he has the biggest crush on Petunia. But the figurine is so ugly. So Geronimo isn't too sad when his cousin Trap accidentally breaks it, especially when Geronimo discovers a piece of paper inside with a mysterious message from someone in Venice, Italy, asking for help.

by Geronimo Stilton - Adventure, Children's, Fiction, Mystery

Geronimo Stilton and Wild Willie travel to Japan in search of an ancient, legendary samurai scroll that holds the secret to a long-lost fighting technique. The scroll had fallen into the wrong hands, and it's up to them to track it down and save the day. But first, they have to fight a group of talented ninjas.

by Thea Stilton - Adventure, Children's, Fiction, Mystery

When the Thea Sisters' good friend Bridget has to return to Scotland to help her family repair their ancient castle, the five mice offer to help their friend in whatever way they can. Little do they know that Bridget will be kidnapped, and they'll have to rush to Scotland to help find her.

by Geronimo Stilton - Adventure, Fiction, Mystery

Geronimo Stilton and his good friend, Hercule Poirat, are called to investigate mysterious events in the famouse Grand Hotel in New Mouse City. Supposedly there is a ghost haunting the hotel; it's wearing armor, carrying a ball and chain, and scaring guests. Will Geronimo and Poirat be able to solve this spine-tingling mystery?

by Thea Stilton - Action Adventure, Children's, Fiction

When the Thea Sisters' friend Ashvin is in trouble, they rush to his aid . . . in India! Ashvin has been bringing the monkeys that live in the big city back to their natural jungle environment. But the monkeys have suddenly started stealing jewels! Someone must be behind this terrible theft. Can the Thea Sisters solve the mystery?

by Geronimo Stilton - Children's, Fiction

One day, my friends and I, Geronimo Stilton, made an amazing discovery. We found a huge oyster -- with an enormouse pearl inside! I was so excited about this extremely rare, precious pearl that I wrote a special feature about it in The Rodent's Gazette. That article attracted lots of attention -- both good and bad! The enormouse pearl was in danger of being stolen. Would my friends and I be able to protect it?

by Thea Stilton - Action Adventure, Children (Ages 8-10)

The Thea Sisters are boarding the famouse Orient Express for a journey from Paris to Istanbul! The train is on a special trip to return a precious wedding dress stolen years ago from an Istanbul museum. But there's a rumor that the mysterious Acrobat Thief will steal the dress from the moving train! The Thea Sisters are determined to foil this super-sneaky mouse's plans.

by Geronimo Stilton - Children's, Fiction, History

Geronimo Stiltonoot is Geronimo Stilton's ancient ancestor. He runs the newspaper in his prehistoric village, and when the village is in an uproar because the Stone of Fire has been stolen from the mouseum, it is up to Geronimo Stiltonoot and his cavemouse friend, Hercule Poirat to solve the case!