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Ages 3-7

In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines. They left the house, at half past nine...the smallest one was Madeline.

Ages 7-9

Mike and Nora discover the White Rabbit. It's an odd shop --- with a special secret inside. Its owner, Mr. Zerlin, is a magician, and, amazingly, he believes Mike could be a magician, too.

Magic Tree House written by Mary Pope Osborne with illustrations by Sal Murdocca
Ages 7-10

This children’s series follows the adventures of Jack and Annie, two children who are magically transported to historical settings through the use of a mysterious tree house. Enlisted to help Morgan Le Fay --- a powerful enchantress --- they set out to solve problems and puzzles from throughout history. Don’t miss the companion Magic Tree House Fact Trackers, which provide nonfiction background for many of the topics explored in the stories!

Ages 8-12

From New York Times bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare comes a riveting new series that defies what you think you know about the world of magic.

Ages 8-12

When Elspeth Pule, an eleven-year-old brat, wakes up one day in a strange forest, she finds some familiar faces around her --- those of the nursery rhyme characters she grew up reading about. But as she soon learns from Humpty Dumpy, a suave, tuxedo-wearing egg, what she knows is a twisted version of the truth concocted by the evil Old King Krool --- and none of the characters are who she thinks.

Ages 10-13


Magnus Chase has always been a troubled kid. Since his mother's mysterious death, he's lived alone on the streets of Boston, surviving by his wits, keeping one step ahead of the police and the truant officers.

Mallory written by Laurie Friedman with illustrations by Tamara Schmitz
Ages 7-11

Meet Mallory McDonald, a spunky, energetic young girl whose comical exploits and joke-telling will hit the mark with early chapter book readers.

Ages 7-10

Ten-year-old Willa Dunlap and her eight-year-old brother Ben are new to Chincoteague Island, but it’s a homecoming for their mother, who grew up there. Willa and Ben’s parents are busy planning the opening of their bed and breakfast, which gives the kids free rein to explore the island. But with so many new people and places to get used to, will Chincoteague ever feel like home?

Ages 8-12

A contemporary middle grade series in the tradition of Marguerite Henry’s MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE.

Marvin Redpost written by Louis Sachar with illustrations by Adam Record
Ages 6-9

This chapter book series by Newbery Honor–winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar features one hilariously overactive imagination!  Hilarious and relatable, Marvin Redpost is perfect for kids who love to bond with quirky characters like Junie B. Jones and George Brown, Class Clown.

Ages 8-12

Eli has never left Serenity...why would he ever want to? Then one day, he bikes to the edge of the city limits and something so crazy and unexpected happens, it changes everything. Eli convinces his friends to help him investigate further, and soon it becomes clear that nothing is as it seems in Serenity. The clues mount to reveal a shocking discovery, connecting their ideal crime-free community to some of the greatest criminal masterminds ever known. The kids realize they can trust no one --- least of all their own parents.

Ages 5-12
Whether you're into baseball, soccer, swimming, skateboarding; fiction or biographies; this series has a book for you!.
Mercy Watson written by Kate DiCamillo with illustrations by Chris Van Dusen
Ages 5-8
To Mr. and Mrs. Watson, Mercy is not just a pig --- she's a porcine wonder. And to the portly and good-natured Mercy, the Watsons are an excellent source of buttered toast, not to mention that buttery-toasty feeling she gets when she snuggles into bed with them. Welcome to the wry and endearing world of Mercy Watson --- an ebullient new character for early chapter-book readers in a series that's destined to be a classic.
Ages 9-12

What if superheroes were real --- and you had to become one? A boy is suddenly thrust into the role of a real-life superhero and tasked with saving Earth from an alien invasion in this action-packed series from New York Times bestselling author Robert Venditti and award-winning illustrator Dusty Higgins.

A hilarious mystery series about a sixth grader and her trusty sidekick as they solve mysteries in their tiny North Carolina town.

Ages 9-12

Welcome to the world of Martin Moone as he relies on the help of his imaginary friend to navigate the mysteries and challenges of family, friendship, and growing up in a small Irish town.

Ages 7-10

Ooooh, is there anything better than snuggling down with a nicely ghastly ghost story? Maybe just one thing: settling in with a whole series of heebie-jeebie-inspiring books. The Mostly Ghostly series celebrates friendship between Max and brother and sister Nicky and Tara --- both ghosts!

Mouse written by Beverly Cleary with illustrations by Jacqueline Rogers
Ages 8-12

Follow Ralph the Mouse on all his outlandish adventures!

Ages 9-12
This series features seven narrators, each with a unique story, and each with a different perspective on what makes their teacher, Mr. Terupt, so special. But what happens when an accident befalls Mr. Terupt that could change everything?
Museum Mysteries Written by Steve Brezenoff with illustrations by Lisa K. Weber
Ages 8-11

From Steve Brezenoff, author of the best-selling Field Trip Mysteries

Ages 7-10

Tom’s big brother is an Evil Scientist who wants to experiment on Tom’s new goldfish, Frankie.

Ages 8-12

Luke Parker was just your average comic book fan until his boring, teacher’s pet, helps-old-ladies-across-the-street brother Zack got turned into a superhero. Luke can’t believe the unfairness of it all --- he’s the one with the encyclopedic knowledge of everything from Ant-Man to Wolverine! At least he can help Zack --- aka Star Guy --- with all the important parts of becoming a superhero, like using his newfound powers and deciding whether or not to wear a cape. When his brother gets into trouble, it's up to Luke to save the day!

My Life written by Janet Tashjian, cartoons by Jake Tashjian
Ages 9-12

Follow 12-year-old Derek Fallon as he comes up with clever tricks to memorize vocabulary words, be a stuntboy in a movie, test out a new video game and more!.

Ages 8-12

Join 11-year old stanley as he goes on a near-death adventure fraught with pesky relatives, killer lumberjacks, and poisonous pies in order to find his long-lost father.

Ages 9-12
In this hilarious, twisted middle grade series by Anna Staniszewski, Jenny is no fairy tale princess. In fact, she does all of the rescuing. Jenny the Adventurer has to save the world, one magical kingdom at a time.