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Ages 8-12

Emily and Pegasus have faced many dangers. Their first meeting was on the roof of a New York City apartment building during a war between immortal beings. They have traveled through time to Ancient Greece and modern-day Hawaii. Their next adventure takes them to London where old enemies will stage a final showdown.

Ages 8-12

The gods of Olympus are alive and well in the 21st Century! They still fall in love with mortals and have children who are half-god, half-human, like the heroes of the old Greek myths. Could you be one of those children?

Ages 8-up
Meet Philemon, one of France's most beloved comic book adventurers!  On an ordinary day in the countryside, Philemon falls into a well on his father's farm and lands... in the Atlantic Ocean?! He begins a wild and whimsical journey through a fantasy world as original as Alice's Wonderland, as richly imagined as Little Nemo's Slumberland and as exciting to explore as Oz.
Ages 8-up

Facts at Your Fingertips! Destined to be toted in backpacks everywhere, the Pocket Genius series contains on-the-spot information in favorite subject areas and will fill you in on the biggest, fastest, tallest and oldest everything!

Ages 8-12
Miri lives on a mountain where, for generations, her ancestors have lived a simple life. Then word comes that the king's priests have divined her village the home of the future princess. In a year's time, the prince will choose his bride from among the village girls. The king's ministers set up an academy on the mountain, and every teenage girl must attend and learn how to become a princess. Soon Miri finds herself confronted with a harsh academy mistress, bitter competition among the girls and her own conflicting desires. Winning the contest could give her everything she ever wanted --- but it would mean leaving her home and family behind.
Ages 8-12

This book series is for girls who love climbing trees in their party dresses and running races in their Mary Janes. It's for girls who know that wearing hair ribbons doesn't stop someone from being strong, and liking perfume and jewelry doesn't mean you can't be smart. Girls who don't even know they're looking for role models will find one in Juniper.

Ages 10-13

Popularity: who has it, who wants it, and who won’t get it is the topic of this story about two middle school friends who want to make the lives of their classmates more equitable, to disastrous results.

Ages 9-12

The Protector of the Small quartet of books tells the exciting and adventurous tale of Keladry of Mindelan. Kel has just one dream: to become a knight. Her hero is Alanna the Lioness, the first woman to ever become a knight in the kingdom of Tortall. Kel has one advantage over her idol: Alanna had to disguise the fact that she was a girl throughout her training, but now the King has decreed that any nobly-born girl can enter the palace school.

Ages 7-10

Kat and her best friend, Maya, are delighted when Kat's Aunt Jenn opens a kennel and dog-grooming salon and the girls are allowed to help out! Each time they help out with a dog, they add a page to their scrapbook so they can be ready for the day they get to adopt one themselves!

Ages 8-12

Join Sam Force on a fast-paced adventure through Egypt that’s part National Treasure and part Indiana Jones with the start to a brand-new series packed with puzzles and clues for readers to figure out along the way!