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Alane Adams


Alane Adams

Alane Adams grew up in an old Quaker town called Whittier in Southern California. For college, she attended the University of Southern California where she wanted to be an English major, but her family convinced her to become an accountant so she could help run a family business. She spent the next few decades trying to get back to writing instead of balancing budgets. After leaving the family business behind in 2008, she started a foundation focusing on global poverty issues particularly their effect on children. She pursued a Masters Degree in Diplomacy and took several field visits with UNICEF, visiting schools around the world. After seeing the importance of education and literacy in the battle to end extreme poverty, she began to shift the focus of my foundation to improving and supporting literacy efforts. In 2009 she was invited to teach a course on social entrepreneurship at Chapman University and joined the full-time faculty for the next five years. Along the way, her passion for literacy and children came together when her 12-year-old son Alex challenged her to write a book he could read. She began writing the Legends of Orkney book series and haven’t stopped writing since that day. 
When she is not writing or teaching, she is out hiking somewhere in the world or hanging out with her three boys who are her greatest joy.

Alane Adams

Books by Alane Adams

by Alane Adams - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Magic, Youth Fiction

Abigail is determined to grow up to be the greatest witch of all, even greater than her evil ancestor Catriona. Unfortunately, she is about to fail Spectacular Spells class because her witch magic hasn't come in yet. Even worse, her nemesis, Endera, is making life miserable by trying to get her kicked out. When her new friend Hugo's life is put in danger, a desperate Abigail manages to call up her magic --- only to find out it's unlike any other witchling's at theAcademy! As mysteries deepen around her magic and just who her true parents are, Abigail becomes trapped in a race against time to undo one of her spells before she is kicked out of the coven forever!

Written by Alane Adams and Illustrated by Lauren Gallegos - Children's, Children's 4-8, Holiday

It's winter in Girard, Pennsylvania and the pond is completely frozen over --- ready for a young boy to go skating! --- but Georgie's ice skates are too small. All Georgie wants for Christmas is a new pair of skates. But times are tough in 1920s Pennsylvania, and he gets the disappointing news Santa might not come this year. Follow Georgie as he decides to take matters into his own hands by stealing Santa's identity --- and discovers what Christmas is all about. 

by Alane Adams - Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology

After defeating the Volgrim witches, life in Orkney is quiet. Too quiet. Before Sam Baron can catch his breath, an army of fire giants led by Surt gather in the Eighth Realm of Musspell, determined to destroy Orkney --- and it's all Sam's fault. After all, he took Odin's life with an ancient cursed dagger, and now, mankind has lost its protector. To make matters worse, the God of Mischief, Loki, is on the loose and determined to reunite with his evil wife, Angerboda, and their three children: Fenrir the wolf, Jormungand the sea serpent, and Helva, Goddess of Death.

by Alane Adams - Adventure, Children's 10+, Fantasy, Fiction, Youth Fiction

Sam Baron just freed Orkney from the ravages of the Red Sun --- but now, imprisoned by Catriona, leader of the Volgrim Witches, Sam finds the darker side of his half-god, half-witch heritage released, and he fears he might destroy what he saved. Unable to resist the witches' enchantments, Sam has become their most potent weapon. Sam’s only hope for salvation lies with his three best friends and a mystical artifact known as the Moon Pearl. As Sam's friends rush to save him, other forces are at work in Orkney's shadows --- forces that could help free Sam, or condemn him to the darkness forever.

by Alane Adams - Adventure, Children's, Fantasy

With only a young witch girl to guide him, Sam must choose: save his friends, or stop the red sun from consuming the land? Drawing on Norse mythology, THE RED SUN follows Sam’s journey to uncover the truth about his past --― a journey during which he has to overcome the simmering anger inside of him, learn to channel his growing magical powers and find a way to forgive the father who left him behind.