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Alexander Vance


Alexander Vance

Alexander Vance works as a film and video editor. This is his fiction debut. He lives in Upstate New York with his family.

Alexander Vance

Books by Alexander Vance

by Alexander Vance - Art, Children's 10-14, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction

Claudia Miravista loves art but only sees what is on the surface, until the Dutch boy Pim appears in her painting. Pim has been trapped in the world behind the canvas for centuries by a power-hungry witch, and now believes that Claudia is his only hope for escape. Fueled by the help of an ancient artist and some microwaveable magic, Claudia enters the wondrous and terrifying world, intent on destroying the witch's most cherished possession and setting Pim free.

by Alexander Vance

Twelve-year-old Quentin never asked to be the Heartbreak Messenger. The valuable communication service he offers is simple: He delivers breakup messages. At first, Quentin’s entrepreneurial brainchild is surprisingly successful, which is great, because he suspects his mom, who works as a car mechanic, is worried about money. But as he interacts with clients, message recipients, and his best friend, Abigail, it doesn’t take long for him to wonder if his own heart will remain intact.