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Alison Cherry


Alison Cherry

Alison Cherry grew up in Evanston, IL, then went to Harvard and got a degree in photography. Then ahw spent the next three years as a freelance lighting designer for various theaters throughout the Northeast. Eventually, she got tired of hanging out on ladders and wrestling with faulty electrical equipment for 80 hours a week while getting paid almost nothing. She spent the next four years working as a photographer for the Metropolitan Opera. Now she lives in Brooklyn and writes full-time. Her debut young adult novel, RED, is coming from Delacorte in the fall of 2013.

Alison Cherry

Books by Alison Cherry

by Alison Cherry - Animals , Children's 8-12, Family, Fiction, Humor
Ella Cohen was skeptical when her mom started dating Krishnan just a few months after her parents’ divorce. But two years later, she really likes having her new stepfather around. When she decides to enter a junior dog show, Krishnan even lets her start handling his dog, Elvis. She’s determined to become an expert handler, even after her first show ends in disaster. Unfortunately, some things are harder to control --- like Ella’s dad, who has changed a lot since the divorce. He used to be laid back and fun, but now he hovers over her constantly, terrified she’s going to shatter into a million pieces if she so much as hints that everything in her life isn’t perfect. 
by Rachele Alpine, Alison Cherry, Dee Romito, Gail Nall, Stephanie Faris, Ronni Arno, and Jen Malone - Children's 9-13, Comedy, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Performing Arts

Lynnfield Middle School is prepped and ready for a dance to remember, including an awesome performance from Heart Grenade, the all-girl band who recently won a Battle of the Bands contest. Seven classmates --- Carmen, Genevieve, Tess, Ryan, Ellie, Ashlyn and Jade --- intend to make the most of the night…or at least the five of them who are able to attend do. The other two would sacrifice almost anything to be there.

by Alison Cherry - Children's 9-13, Fiction, Friendship, Humor
Izzy Cervantes and her best friend, Mackenzie, have spent summers together at Camp Sweetwater since they were eight. So when their parents decide to ship them off to Camp Foxtail instead, the girls find themselves completely out of their element --- and worse yet, in different cabins! Izzy feels like an outsider in Willow Lodge. But when she hears about the time-honored prank war between the Willows and the Wolverines, the rival boy cabin, she sees a chance to make her mark. 
by Alison Cherry - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Friendship, Youth Fiction
AJ does not, under any circumstances, want to spend an entire month living with her strict Grandma Jo.  Jo wants nothing more than to transform her adventurous, fun-loving granddaughter into a prim and proper lady…and AJ hates it. But AJ’s dull summer takes an exciting turn when she discovers that her grandmother’s “bridge group” is actually a club of crooks! And when Grandma Jo offers to teach AJ lock picking instead of embroidery in exchange for help with a few capers, AJ is thrilled to join her grandmother’s madcap band of thieves who claim to steal only for ethical reasons. AJ must decide for herself what it truly means to be one of the good guys.