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Antonio Castro L.


Antonio Castro L.

Antonio Castro L. was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and has lived in the Juarez-El Paso area for most of his life. He has illustrated dozens of childrens’ books including BARRY, THE BRAVEST SAINT BERNARD, PAJARO VERDE, THE TREASURE ON GOLD STREET, THE DAY IT SNOWED TORTILLAS and THE GUM-CHEWING RATTLER.

Antonio often works with his son, Antonio Castro H., who is one of Cinco Puntos' primary designers. When Antonio illustrates a book, his son and he plan the book design and the artwork together so that the books they create are made hand in hand by father and son.

In 2005, the government of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, commissioned Antonio to paint a mural for the government palace. The mural commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Tomochic. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Texas, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Spain and Italy.

Antonio Castro L.

Books by Antonio Castro L.

by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford and Antonio Castro L. - Children's 7-11, Culture, Education, Environment, Nature

Aaron has asked his grandfather Tata to teach him about the healing remedies he uses. Tata is a neighbor and family elder, who people come to all the time for his soothing solutions, compassionate touch and gentle wisdom. Tata knows how to use herbs, teas, and plants to help each one. His wife, Grandmother Nana, is there too, bringing delicious food and humor to help Tata's patients heal. An herbal remedies glossary at the end of the book includes useful information about each plant, plus botanically correct drawings.

Written by Joe Hayes, illustrated by Antonio Castro L. - Nonfiction, Picture

Joe Hayes is back with another unbelievable, astounding and totally true tall tale, straight from his own childhood in the Arizona desert. One day little Joe is out in the desert, walking around, and he sees a rattlesnake in trouble. Joe saves the snake's life! That's when things get weird. The rattler follows Joe home!