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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Ingrid Law, author of Savvy

Jun 1, 2008

Ingrid Law's debut novel, SAVVY, is an imaginative coming-of-age tale about a gifted family whose members are given a supernatural power when they turn 13.

Interview: Meg Cabot, author of Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Book One - Moving Day

Jun 1, 2008

The protagonist of Meg Cabot's most recent series is Allie Finkle, a spirited nine-year-old with a Type-A personality who takes sudden life changes in stride by making up rules to live by, like "You can never make a second first impression" and "Don't stick a spatula down your best friend's throat."

Interview: Michael Reisman, author of Simon Bloom, The Gravity Keeper

Apr 1, 2008

In Michael Reisman's debut novel, SIMON BLOOM, THE GRAVITY KEEPER, readers are introduced to an inquisitive 11-year-old boy who stumbles upon a way to control the laws of physics.

Interview: Stephanie Watson, author of Elvis & Olive

Apr 1, 2008

Stephanie Watson's debut work of fiction, ELVIS & OLIVE, follows two unlikely friends who form a spying club in order to uncover secrets in their neighborhood.

Interview: John Flanagan, author of Ranger's Apprentice, Book 3: The Icebound Land

Jul 1, 2007

In this interview with’s Sarah Wood, John Flanagan --- author of the bestselling Ranger’s Apprentice series --- describes how he created these stories as a way of encouraging his young son to read and explains how his characters have evolved over the course of several novels. He also discusses his interest in history and mythology, from which he draws inspiration, and shares what readers can look forward to in future installments, following the recently-released THE ICEBOUND LAND.