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Bruce Hale


Bruce Hale

Bruce Hale grew up in Los Angeles, California. As a child, he spent a lot of time imagining. He pretended to be Tarzan, a pirate, a frontiersman, and many other things. In high school, he drew and wrote comics to entertain his friends.

When Mr. Hale grew up, he worked as a magazine editor, surveyor and gardener. He also lived for a while in Tokyo, Japan. However, it was while he was living in Hawaii that he started writing about and drawing geckos.

Today, Mr. Hale lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, and he pursues many interests. He writes and illustrates his books (including some that don't star lizards). He loves to talk to students about his life as an author and illustrator. He sings in a rock-and-roll group called "The Savage Bunnies." He loves hiking, surfing, watching movies, and playing jazz. He is also an actor and has performed in plays and television commercials. Another passion of his is storytelling, which he has taught in Thailand. AND he's a teacher and speaker, giving workshops at universities and schools.

Mr. Hale is so busy, it's a wonder that he has the time to write new Chet Gecko books year in and year out.

Bruce Hale

Books by Bruce Hale

by Bruce Hale - Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Something is very wrong at Monterrosa Elementary --- again. Weird noises and funky smells are coming through the classroom vents. Could the school be haunted? When one of their classmates falls into a coma, best friends Carlos and Benny know it's time to call in the best monster hunters they know: each other. This may well be their wackiest extermination challenge yet!

by Bruce Hale - Fiction, Horror, Mystery
Best friends Carlos and Benny, who just saved their teacher from becoming a were-hyena, have been called upon to investigate the strange goings-on in the cafeteria. Why are the lunch ladies suddenly so grumpy? Why are the girls' meals different from the boys'? And what was that thing seen scuttling around the kitchen wearing an apron? It's going to require a lot of courage --- and more than an industrial size can of Raid--for the boys to avoid extermination in this buggy adventure.
by Bruce Hale - Children's, Humor, Mystery

Mr. Chu, the coolest teacher ever, has developed some very unusual habits, like laughing hysterically for no reason, sniffing people's homework and chasing chickens. When best friends Carlos and Benny decide to find out what's happening to him, they get caught up in some moonlight madness. And it looks like just the beginning of the weirdness that has arrived in the town of Monterrosa... This first entry in a silly, sassy, and suspenseful new series will leave readers howling with laughter.

by Bruce Hale and Guy Francis

Clark the Shark has a loose tooth and needs to visit the dentist. But he's heard that the dentist is scarier than a box of blue whales! Uh-oh, and oh no! Can Clark find a way to stay cool when it comes to tooth trouble? Beginning readers will be entertained and reassured by this clever, funny twist on a dentist visit in this I Can Read story featuring our favorite boisterous shark. 

by Bruce Hale - Youth Fiction

Juvenile delinquent and budding pyromaniac, Max Segredo, belongs in juvie hall. Instead, Max ends up on the doorstep of Merry Sunshine Orphanage --- their very heavily guarded doorstep. Soon, Max and the rest of the students are sent on a mission to keep a dangerous weapon out of the hands of LOTUS, an international group bent on world domination.