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Carol Weston


Carol Weston

Carol Weston has been the “Dear Carol” advice columnist at Girls’ Life since 1994. Her 12 books include THE DIARY OF MELANIE MARTIN and the three additional titles in the Melanie Martin series, as well as several nonfiction titles for young women. She lives in New York City.

Carol Weston

Books by Carol Weston

by Carol Weston - Family, Family Life, Fiction
Sofia lost her mother eight months ago, and her friends were 100% there for her. Now it's a new year and they're ready for Sofia to move on. Problem is, Sofia can't bounce back, can't recharge like a cellphone. She decides to write Dear Kate, an advice columnist for Fifteen Magazine, and is surprised to receive a fast reply. Soon the two are exchanging emails, and Sofia opens up and spills all, including a few worries that are totally embarrassing. Turns out even advice columnists don't have all the answers, and one day Sofia learns a secret that flips her world upside down.
by Carol Weston - Children's 9-12

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and when another girl asks out Ava's friend Chuck, Ava realizes that she is definitely NOT okay with it. To top it all off, Pip's friend Tanya is being bullied for her size, and Ava starts a series of projects to help Tanya feel better about herself. But a misstep leads to some serious backlash, and Ava discovers that words can be powerful instigators. All Ava wants is to help Tanya find her inner confidence. But how can she give advice when she's not even sure she can stick by her words --- or tell Chuck how she really feels?

by Carol Weston - Fiction

When Ava Wren hears about an injured yellow tabby with mismatched ears, she becomes obsessed and wants to rescue him. She even picks out a perfect palindromic name: T-A-C-O-C-A-T. But when Taco joins the family, he doesn't snuggle or purr-all he does is hide. Worse, Ava's best friend starts hanging out with Zara, a new girl in fifth grade. Ava feels alone and writes an acclaimed story, "The Cat Who Wouldn't Purr." What begins as exciting news turns into a disaster.

by Carol Weston - Children's, Fiction
An endearing tween story about friendship, family, identity, and inspiration. Outgoing Ava loves her older sister, Pip, but can't understand why Pip is so reserved and never seems to make friends with others. When Ava uses her writing talents to help her sister overcome her shyness, both girls learn the impact their words and stories can have on the world around them.