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Catherine Lloyd Burns


Catherine Lloyd Burns

From Cathy's website:

"I was born in New York City.  When I was ten I spent every weekend in the Catskills. I did not like the country. I made terrariums all day long. I was lonely and bored.  These are some jobs I’ve had: waitress, bartender, mother’s helper, cook, salesperson, personal secretary. I moved to California when I got a job acting on a television show. I lived there for six years. It was fun. I moved back. I live in Brooklyn now with my husband, my daughter, two cats and one dog.  I like to cook and paint. I bake cakes for people who ask me to."

Catherine Lloyd Burns

Books by Catherine Lloyd Burns

by Catherine Lloyd Burns - Adventure, Children's 10-12, Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Humor

Cricket Cohen isn’t a liar, but she doesn’t always tell the exact truth. She loves conspiring with Dodo, her feisty grandmother who lives in the apartment right next door. And one Manhattan weekend when she’s in hot water with her teacher and her controlling parents over a fanciful memoir essay, Cricket goes along with Dodo’s questionable decision to hit the bricks. Imagining all sorts of escapades, Cricket is happy to leave home behind. But on a crosstown adventure with an elderly woman who has her own habit of mixing truth and fantasy, some hard realities may start to get in the way of all the fun.

by Catherine Lloyd Burns - Fiction

Feisty eleven-year-old Veronica Morgan believes that a furry lemon beagle from the neighborhood pet store will be the solution to the endless worries she has about life in general and friendship in particular. This is a problem, since her bumbling psychiatrist parents won’t buy her the puppy she wants or stop meddling in her life at her challenging new school. But things never turn out the way you plan, particularly if you never stop expecting the worst to happen, and haven’t taken a chance on being a true friend yourself.