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Claire Messer


Claire Messer

Claire Messer is a recent graduate of the Cambridge School of Art. She works by hand, using traditional printmaking processes to create her illustrations. She lives in the UK. Grumpy Pants is her first book.

Claire Messer

Books by Claire Messer

by Jody Jensen Shaffer and Claire Messer - Children's, Children's 4-8, Fiction, Picture, Youth Fiction

Today is the very first day of school! Busy Bus is excited, but he also has some first-day jitters. Will the children like him? Will he be homesick? What if he gets lost?! Luckily, bus driver Ben knows just what to do to make sure that the school year gets off to a great start.

by Claire Messer - Animals , Children's 4-8, Family Life, Friendship, Picture

Penguin is having a grumpy day. No matter what he does, he just can't shake it! Sometimes the only thing left to do is wash the grumpy day away and start over. The simple text and lively illustrations are the perfect cure for even the grumpiest of days.