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Constance Lombardo


Constance Lombardo

Constance Lombardo started drawing when she was 10 years old and got her BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 1985. She spent many years studying at the Art Students League of New York, drawing people on the subway, painting in her studio and working on murals in San Francisco. In 2003, while reading picture books to her baby, she rediscovered some of her favorite author/illustrators (William Steig, Beatrix Potter, Arnold Lobel,) got excited about children’s books and joined the SCBWI.

Constance Lombardo

Books by Constance Lombardo

Written and Illustrated by Constance Lombardo - Animals , Children's, Children's 8-12, Comedy, Fiction
After travelling the country as El Gato’s stunt cat for way too long, Mr. Puffball is ready for his BIG break --- and what’s bigger than REALITY TV? He’ll kick butt on Feline Ninja Warrior and even bake his way to victory on Celebrity Birthday Cake Wars. But real opportunity knocks when Mr. Puffball lands a leading role on Castaway Island. Get ready for major island drama! Mr. Puffball uses his wits, killer stunt moves and even bigger heart to conquer the challenges of the wilderness, and yes --- this just might be his ticket to the red carpet.
by Constance Lombardo - Animals , Children's 8-12, Humor, Performing Arts

Mr. Puffball is through being a stunt cat --- he’s ready to be a real actor! It’s just too dangerous to be on fire all the time. But according to Victoria Bossypaws at Purramount Studios, Puffball and El Gato are going to lose their roles in their Hollywood buddy movie unless they can demonstrate youthful Hollywood appeal! But how? They have two weeks to film a dangerous and exciting cross-country movie reel—starring themselves --- doing amazing feats of daring and coolness!

by Constance Lombardo - Children's 8-12, Humor

In this hilarious illustrated adventure meet Mr. Puffball, a medium-size feline with a big dream! With amazing humor that appeals to both kids and adults as well as funny illustrations throughout the story, MR. PUFFBALL: Stunt Cat to the Stars is perfect for dreamers, movie buffs and fans of Timmy Failure and Stick Dog.