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Courtney Sheinmel


Courtney Sheinmel

Courtney Sheinmel is the author of MY SO-CALLED FAMILY, POSITIVELY, SINCERELY, ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE and the Stella Batts series for young readers. Her books have received many awards and appeared on numerous recommended lists. She lives in New York City.

Courtney Sheinmel

Books by Courtney Sheinmel

by Courtney Sheinmel - Children's 8-12, Family, Fiction, Friendship

Creative and fashion-forward Lucy Tanaka was thrilled when Chloe Silver moved to town. Together with Theo Barnes, they formed The Kindness Club, testing different acts of kindness on their friends, neighbors, and siblings. One day, Lucy learns that their classmate, Serena, recently lost her mother. On top of that, it's Serena's birthday next weekend. Lucy is determined to lift Serena's spirits, and she knows the perfect way to do it --- rallying the Kindness Club to throw Serena the best birthday party ever at her family's bowling alley.

by Courtney Sheinmel - Children's 8-12, Family, Family Life, Fiction

Chloe Silver has always been good at looking on the bright side. Even though her parents got divorced and she's moved to a new town, she knows that she will make great friends at her new school. So when she is assigned a science project with offbeat Lucy Tanaka and nerdy Theo Barnes, they have fun creating an experiment that tests out the laws of science through different acts of kindness...officially forming The Kindness Club.

by Courtney Sheinmel - Fiction

Carly Wheeler lives a charmed life. Her mother is a stylist for the soap opera Lovelock Falls, she lives in a nice house, and goes to an excellent private school. But when her mom is arrested and charged with embezzlement, everything starts to unravel.