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Deanna Caswell


Deanna Caswell

Deanna lives in a little house on 1/4 acre in the suburbs with her five kids, two goats, a flock of chickens and one VERY understanding husband.

Before all that, she was a nanny, lab tech, teacher, waitress, calculus tutor, counselor and mountain guide. She holds a B.S. in Chemistry, a minor in Math and an M.A. in Family Therapy. Deanna has traveled to 41 states, Canada, England, France, Italy and Africa.

These days, she is privileged to share her diverse experiences and love of learning through books, a newspaper column, homeschooling and posts for Little House in the Suburbs (

Deanna Caswell

Books by Deanna Caswell

Written by Deanna Caswell with illustrations by Bob Shea - Children's, Children's 3-5, Fiction, Picture

A witch, a bat, a skeleton, a jack-o’-lantern, a ghost, a black cat, a spider, an owl and a scarecrow are all hiding in the pages of this clever Halloween-themed book. Deanna Caswell’s playful haiku cleverly hint at the creatures revealed after each turn of the page while Bob Shea’s bright illustrations capture the scary silliness.