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Deborah Lytton


Deborah Lytton

Deborah Lytton is a writer and actress who grew up in front of the camera, beginning her career at age six when she was discovered by a Hollywood agent. Her acting credits include portraying "Melissa Anderson" on the hit daytime soap opera "Days of our Lives" and "Samantha Bates" in The Incredible Hulk, Antowuk Horror. Debby is also an attorney and mother of two daughters.

Debby's debut novel JANE IN BLOOM (Dutton Children's Books) was honored by the Missouri Association of School Librarians with Third Place in the Truman Awards (2011-2012) and was chosen by Chicago Public Library as one of the Best of the Best Books of 2009. JANE IN BLOOM was also selected by the Kansas National Education Association for the 2010 Kansas State Reading Circle Catalog, was nominated for the Kentucky Bluegrass Award (2011) and the Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Book Award (2011). Debby's first YA novel, SILENCE, is about finding hope in the midst of tragedy. The novel is told through alternating points of view. Forward Reviews listed SILENCE in Girl Power - 15 Inspirational YA Female Protagonists. SILENCE was also a nominee for the Florida Teens Read Program.

Debby's newest release is a middle grade series called RUBY STARR (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky) about a fifth grader who loves, completely and absolutely loves books!

Deborah Lytton

Books by Deborah Lytton

by Deborah Lytton - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Youth Fiction

Ruby Starr is feeling fabulous after helping save her school's library and creating the world's first (and best) pickle cupcake. And she's feeling extra stupendous when she's assigned a book report and finds the most perfect, meant-to-be book ever --- one about unicorns! But when her bestie is not acting like herself, and a class field trip to a museum doesn't go the way Ruby imagines, Ruby's not sure she'll get the perfect end to the year she was hoping for.

by Deborah Lytton - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Ruby Starr's life is totally back on track. Her lunchtime book club, the Unicorns, is better than ever. And she and Charlotte, her once arch enemy, are now good friends. The only thing that's really causing any drama is her upcoming poetry assignment. She's a reader, not a poet! But disaster strikes when Ruby learns that her most favorite place in the world, the school library, is in trouble. Ruby knows she and the Unicorns have to do something to help. But when Ruby's plans end up hurting a friend, she's not sure her story will have a happy ending after all. 
by Deborah Lytton - Children's, Children's 8-12, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Youth Fiction

Ruby Starr has always loved books. She loves them so much that she started a lunchtime book club called The Unicorns. But then one dark and stormy night (okay it was the morning of a sunny day) Charlotte, a new student comes to town. Charlotte wants to turn the book club into a drama club, and she's spending a lot of time with Ruby's best friend. Ruby's going to have to use her imagination and love of reading to solve this big problem before she loses her school friends and her book friends for good.