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Devon Hughes


Devon Hughes

Devon Hughes is the author of the Unnaturals series. She has always been inspired by the frontiers of nature and science and enjoys imagining how our ever-changing relationship with animals will look in the future. Like some of her characters, Devon lives in a city next to a river, with a view of distant trees that always seem to beckon her to another adventure. Though Devon did group up with a beloved pet named Pookie, she is actually terrified of spiders. 

Devon Hughes

Books by Devon Hughes

by Devon Hughes - Adventure, Animals , Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction

K-07M0 has never had a name. As a fox-bat, she has lived her entire life silently hiding from the other hybrids and the scientists who created her…until the day a new animal gives her the name Kozmo and they help each other escape the underground lab. In the outside world Kozmo meets a pack of hybrids just like her, led by a feisty eagle-dog named Castor. But Castor and his pack are being viciously pursued, and Kozmo is forced to do something she's never done before: trust others to survive.

by Devon Hughes - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fantasy

When Castor the stray dog is captured by a group of strange men and taken to a dark laboratory full of terrifying creatures, everything changes: These scientists inject strays with DNA-changing serum, making them into strange, new breeds called Unnaturals and forcing them to fight one another in a ring. Soon, Castor is transformed from a German Shepard mutt into a powerful beast with huge eagle wings. It will take courage to survive, but it will take even more for him to save the Unnaturals....