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Eric Litwin


Eric Litwin

Eric Litwin

Books by Eric Litwin

by Eric Litwin and Tom Lichtenheld - Animals , Children's 3-5, Fiction, Humor

Groovy Joe has a dance party. But Oh no! More and more doggies are knocking on his door, asking to come in. Will there be enough room for everyone? Joe knows just what to do and, soon enough, he everyone moving and grooving --- the party has only just begun! Signature rhyme, repetition, and musical writing style, combined with wild and witty illustrations infused and gentle math concepts come together to create an unforgettable new Groovy Joe story all about positivity, creativity, math, and kindness. Groovy Joe is back, ready to get groovy!

Written by Eric Litwin with illustrations by Tom Lichtenheld - Animals , Children's 3-5, Fiction, Humor

In his debut adventure, Groovy Joe faces three roaring dinosaurs hungry for his doggy ice cream! Oh no! But Joe knows just what to do and soon enough he has them all sharing while moving and singing along.

Written by Eric Litwin Illustrated by James Dean - Holiday

When Santa falls ill and Christmas may have to be canceled, Pete the cat comes to the rescue.

created and illustrated by James Dean, story by Eric Litwin - Fiction

Pete the Cat is wearing his favorite shirt --- the one with the four totally groovy buttons. But when one falls off, does Pete cry? Goodness, no! He just keeps on singing his song --- after all, what could be groovier than three groovy buttons? Count down with Pete in this rocking new story from the creators of the bestselling Pete the Cat books.