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Erica Moroz


Erica Moroz

Erica Moroz is a journalist and co-author of QUIET POWER: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids

Erica Moroz

Books by Erica Moroz

by Diane Guerrero and Erica Moroz - Biography, Children's, Children's 10-14, Children's Nonfiction, Family, Performing Arts, Social Issues

Before landing a spot on the megahit Netflix show "Orange is the New Black"; before wow-ing audiences as Lina on "Jane the Virgin"; and before her incredible activism and work on immigration reform, Diane Guerrero was a young girl living in Boston. One day, while Guerrero was at school, her undocumented immigrant parents were taken from their home, detained and deported. Guerrero's life, which had been full of the support of a loving family, was turned upside down. 

Written by Susan Cain, Gregory Mone, and Erica Moroz with illustrations by Grant Snider - Children's 10+, Children's Nonfiction, Coming of Age, Mental Health, Nonfiction
Susan Cain sparked a worldwide conversation when she published QUIET: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. With her inspiring book, she permanently changed the way we see introverts and the way introverts see themselves. The original book focused on the workplace, and Susan realized that a version for and about kids was also badly needed. This book is all about kids' world --- school, extracurriculars, family life, and friendship.