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Gerry Swallow


Gerry Swallow

Began his career in Seattle as a stand-up comic before moving to L.A. where he made numerous national television appearances including several on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He has since turned his attention to screen writing and, more recently, to writing books under the pen name, Dr. Cuthbert Soup. His first book, A WHOLE NOTHER STORY was featured on the Today Show as an Al Roker book club pick.

Gerry Swallow

Books by Gerry Swallow

Written by Gerry Swallow with Illustrations by Valerio Fabbretti - Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Humor, Magic

For Elspeth Pule, life is dull and lonely in the real world, where she misses her good friends, Humpty Dumpty, Bo Peep, and Rodney, a giant talking wheel of cheese. So when she gets a surprise visit and a desperate plea for help from Georgie Porgie and Gene the blabbermouth stick, Elspeth agrees immediately. After holding her breath until she is blue in the face, Elspeth opens her eyes and finds herself back in a land where storybook characters are real. Here she learns that a horrible witch named Mary Mary Quite Contrary has kidnapped King William the Umpteenth's wife and taken her into a dark forest. 

Written by Gerry Swallow with illustrations by Valerio Fabbretti - Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Humor
When Elspeth Pule, an eleven-year-old brat, wakes up one day in a strange forest, she finds some familiar faces around her --- those of the nursery rhyme characters she grew up reading about. But as she soon learns from Humpty Dumpy, a suave, tuxedo-wearing egg, what she knows is a twisted version of the truth concocted by the evil Old King Krool --- and none of the characters are who she thinks.
Elspeth couldn't care less, but she soon gets pulled into the fight against Krool's tyranny. And if she wants to get home, she'll need to learn some compassion --- and teach the characters that sometimes a good old-fashioned tantrum is exactly what's necessary.