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Grayson Towler


Grayson Towler

Grayson Towler is a marketing copywriter for Sounds True, a publisher of spirituality and self-help books and programs. A graduate of UCLA, he has been a web designer, substitute teacher, webcomic artist, and small business owner. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and lives in Colorado.

Books by Grayson Towler

by Grayson Towler - Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship

Thirteen-year-old Rose Gallagher's best friend is a dragon. The more Rose learns about her friend Jade and the world of dragons, the more dangerous her life becomes. Helped only by her fantasy-obsessed friend and a local occult enthusiast, Rose soon finds herself risking her life to help Jade recover a mysterious fragment of a meteorite called the Harbinger, which has the power to awaken countless dragons from their 65-million-year slumber. Can they find the Harbinger before Jade's enemies?