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H. A. Rey


H. A. Rey

Hans Augusto Rey was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1898. As a child, he spent much of his free time in that city's famous Hagenbeck Zoo drawing animals. After serving in the army during World War I, he studied philology and natural science at the University of Hamburg. He then married Margret Rey and they moved to Montmartre for four years. The manuscript for the first Curious George books was one of the few items the Reys carried with them on their bicycles when they escaped from Paris in 1940. Eventually, they made their way to the United States, and Curious George was published in 1941. Curious George has been published in many languages, including French, German, Japanese, Afrikaans, and Norwegian. Additional Curious George books followed, as well as such other favorites as CECILY G. AND THE NINE MONKEYS and FIND THE CONSTELLATIONS.

H. A. Rey

Books by H. A. Rey

by H. A. Rey - Animals , Fiction, Humor, Picture

When George sees his friend Gracie playing soccer in the park, he's eager to join in --- so eager that he grabs the ball with his hands and throws it in the net! Lucky for George, there's a soccer camp starting at the rec center where he can learn the basic rules of the game and all about dribbling, passing and what it means to be a team player. George has fun --- and gets into a little mischief --- at camp, but it's not until the final game that he finds the perfect position for him. When he does, he proves to his teammates, coach and himself that he's their MVM --- Most Valuable Monkey! 

by H. A. Rey - Children's 10-12, Science

This is a clear, vivid text with charts and maps showing the positions of the constellations the year round.

Written by H. A. Rey and illustrated by Margret Rey - Children's 4-7, Picture

Curious George has delighted millions of readers for 75 years. Now fans can have all seven of the original Curious George titles in one complete volume. Stories included in this collector’s edition are CURIOUS GEORGE, CURIOUS GEORGE TAKES A JOB, CURIOUS GEORGE RIDES A BIKE, CURIOUS GEORGE GETS A MEDAL, CURIOUS GEORGE FLIES A KITE, CURIOUS GEORGE LEARNS THE ALPHABET, and CURIOUS GEORGE GOES TO THE HOSPITAL. This edition also includes an original illustrated map of Curious George’s world, as well as a new scrapbook biography of H. A. and Margret Rey’s creative journey written by the historian Louise Borden.

by H. A. Rey - Children's, Picture

H.A. and Margret Rey introduced the world to Curious George, and the world has loved him ever since. The tales of this cheerful and resilent little heror have kept generations of readers enthralled and entertained. This lavish edition includes an introduction by Leonard S. Marcus, Publisher's Perspective by Anita Silvey, retrospective essay by Dee Jones with photographic album of Margaret and H. A. Rey, and the seven original tales. This volume also includes two audio CDs with recordings of the seven stories --- more than one hour of storytelling!

by H. A. Rey - Children's 10-12, Science
Containing star charts, a guide to the constellations, and details about seasons and the movement of the objects we see in the sky, this classic book makes H. A. Rey’s passion for astronomy evident on every page.
Second edition updates concentrate on the planetary and solar system information in the latter part of the book. Facts and figures for each planet have been revised, and new scientific information has been added, such as Pluto’s reclassification as a dwarf planet.