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Helen Oxenbury


Helen Oxenbury

Growing up in Ipswich, England, Helen Oxenbury loved nothing more than drawing. As a teenager, she entered art school and basked in the pleasure of drawing, and nothing but drawing, all day. During vacations she helped out at the Ipswich Repertory Theatre workshop, mixing paints for set designers. It was there that she decided her future lay in theater design. Today, Helen Oxenbury is among the most popular and critically acclaimed illustrators of her time. She is a two-time Greenaway Medal winner, and her numerous books for children include ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND and its companion, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS, both by Lewis Carroll; Smarties Book Prize-winning FARMER DUCK by Martin Waddell; SO MUCH by Trish Cooke; as well as her classic board books for babies. More recently, she collaborated with author Phyllis Root on the jubilant, no-nonsense tall tale BIG MOMMA MAKES THE WORLD. Helen Oxenbury and her husband make their home in London, where the illustrator works in a nearby studio. She is also an avid tennis player.

Helen Oxenbury

Books by Helen Oxenbury

written by Peter Bently with illustrations by Helen Oxenbury - Children's, Children's 3-5, Family Life, Picture

Jack, Zack, and Caspar are building a ship --- on the beach, out of sand. When they set sail on their imaginary adventure, Jack spies an enemy pirate ship nearby. They chase after the pirates, but a storm wrecks their ship and sweeps them up on a desert island. The island isn't totally deserted, though --- their pirate enemies are there too. Just as the boys discover the pirates' treasure (an array of delicious desserts), the pirates (their parents) capture them. But these pirates are friendly --- they're willing to share the treasure, and they throw in some ice cream just for good measure!

by Amy Hest and Helen Oxenbury - Juvenile Fiction

It’s a snowy day, and Grampa is coming by train for a visit. Henry can’t wait! He sets out with Charley, his beloved pup, pulling a sled for Grampa’s suitcase. At last Grampa arrives, but when a sudden gust of wind blows his hat away, Charley disappears into the whirling snow --- and returns, to their relief, carrying Grampa’s green cap!