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Howard McWilliam


Howard McWilliam

Howard McWilliam is the illustrator of DINOSAUR CHRISTMAS, by Jerry Pallotta; I NEED MY MONSTER, by Amanda Noll; and WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, by Jodi Moore. He lives in Kingston Upon Thames, England, with his wife, Rebecca.

Howard McWilliam

Books by Howard McWilliam

by Greg Wolfe and Howard McWilliam - Children's, Children's 3-6, Christian, Holiday, Judiasm, Magic, Youth Fiction

Shmelf is one of Santa's most important elves. When Shmelf finds out that some children are missing from Santa’s list, he goes to investigate. What Shmelf uncovers is Hanukkah, a wondrous and joyful holiday that Jewish families celebrate each year. As Shmelf observes a family lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, and hearing the Hanukkah story, he sees how special the traditions of the holiday truly are --- and he wants to be a part of it! Luckily, Santa just might have a special role in mind for Shmelf...

Written by Jerry Pallotta with illustrations by Howard McWilliam - Children's, Picture

What do teachers actually do every day in the teachers' lounge? When an imaginative child peeks inside, he embarks on a wild, funny adventure you'll never forget. Who knew that teachers surf, hike, eat frog-eyeball soup and walk through the rain forest --- all while in the teacher's lounge?