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Jane Cabrera


Jane Cabrera

Jane Cabrera is best known as an author and illustrator of children's books.
Her first book CAT'S COLOURS came out in 1997 and she has now written and illustrated 51 books. They have been translated into over 25 languages and won awards in the US and Europe.

"I still have a childlike excitement for the wonders and beauty of life. I hope this comes across in my books and makes people big and small smile."

Jane writes all her own books, from picture books to simple concept board books. Many of her books are traditional nursery rhymes, updated with a modern fun new twist. These are published by Holiday House in the US.

Jane studied graphic design at Art college in the mid 1980s. She worked for many years as a Graphic Designer, mainly within children's publishing. She grew up just outside London and as a child she wanted to be an artist and a detective.(Running her own detective agency and pop-up Art galleries.)

Jane now lives in beautiful Devon, England with her two children, ridiculously fluffy rabbits and the world's friendliest dog. She likes to walk on Dartmoor as much as possible. "Nature is my reset button back to happy and calm." From her late teens Jane started travelling (always with a sketchbook in her bag) and she still likes to travel as much as she can for inspiration, a different perspective and adventure.  

Along side her children's books she is always working on other creative projects. She is about to join the Artist studio community in Ocean Studios, Plymouth to develop her non children's book work.

Her books are painted in acrylic onto paper. She doesn't think she'll switch to digital as it is not messy enough and she made a decision to give up graphic design as she wanted less time looking at screens.

Jane Cabrera

Books by Jane Cabrera

by Jane Cabrera - Children's 2-4, Education, Picture, Poetry, Science

Jane Cabrera s boldly colored rendition of a favorite rhyme gets an ecofriendly spin. This old woman and her household of high-spirited children and talented pets are resourceful. Together they repair their broken furniture, find alternative modes of transportation when the car breaks down and remake worn clothing with colorful patches. Sheet music for piano, voice and guitar are included in the book."