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Jane Petrlik Smolik


Jane Petrlik Smolik

Jane Petrlik Smolik grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. After earning a degree in psychology from the University of Miami, she moved to Boston where she later became a vice president of municipal bond trading for Tucker Anthony & R. L. Day.

She is the author of IN AND OUT OF PORTLAND WITH CHILDREN and THE GREAT STATE OF MAINE ACTIVITY BOOK, both published through her own MidRun Press. She splits her time between her home on Massachusetts's North Shore and her family cottage in Scarborough, Maine. When not researching and writing books, she keeps busy painting, gardening, reading, and spending time with her husband, their family, and Gracie, their Weimaraner.

Jane Petrlik Smolik

Books by Jane Petrlik Smolik

by Jane Petrlik Smolik - Children's 9-12, Culture, Fiction, History

Bones Brewster is an 11 year-old slave on a Virginia plantation. When Bones finds her real name in the owner’s slave registry, she tears it out, places it in a bottle and sets it afloat on the James River.

The bottle drifts across the Atlantic to 12 year-old Lady Bess Kent. She gives it to her friend Harry, sealed in the bottle with Bones’s real name. The bottle is carried back to America and into the hands of Mary Margaret Casey.

Bones, Bess and Mary Margaret are three young girls from very different worlds whose lives are connected by treasures concealed in a bottle and set adrift on the ocean.