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Jarvis completed many different jobs before he found as calling as a children’s illustrator and author. As a bingo-caller, castle-painter, record-sleeve designer and animation director, he has a strong visual aesthetic. Keeping elements of his original sketches, Jarvis loves to create images that look ‘made’ and uses pencil, chalk and paint, often getting lost in photoshop. His authored titles are personal, funny and a little bit quirky.


Books by Jarvis

by Jarvis - Animals , Children's, Children's 4-8, Picture

Fred is very forgetful. It’s a good thing his friend Monkey is around to help him remember what he was about to do. But wait --- Fred wasn’t going to ride a unicycle upside down, and he definitely wasn’t going to wrestle a rhino...Will Fred remember what he was doing before he peels one million bananas for Monkey? From the creator of LAZY DAVE comes a humorous story about a forgetful elephant who may not be as forgetful as he seems!

by Jarvis - Children's

Dave is a dog. Dave is a dog who loves to sleep all day long. Lilly thinks Dave is the laziest dog in the world! But maybe Dave isn't as lazy as Lilly thinks...