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Joseph Bruchac


Joseph Bruchac

Joseph Bruchac

Books by Joseph Bruchac

written by Adam Gidwitz and Joseph Bruchac with illustrations by Hatem Aly - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship, Mythology

All Elliot wants is a nice, normal day at school. All Uchenna wants is an adventure. Guess whose wish comes true? Professor Fauna whisks the kids --- and Jersey, of course --- off to the Muckleshoot territory in Washington, where film crews have suddenly descended en masse to expose Bigfoot to the world, and the Schmoke logging company is bringing in some awfully large machinery. Can the Unicorn Rescue Society escape the blades of the Schmokes’ chain saws? Outsmart a cable news team? And are those big, hairy creatures running through the forest really Bigfoot?

by Joseph Bruchac - Adventure, Children's 10-14, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Prejudice , Racism
12-year-old Cal and his Pop have been riding the rails for years after losing their farm in the Great Depression. But then Pop has to go march with his fellow veterans in Washington D.C. for their government checks, and Cal can't go with him. So Pop tells Cal that he is actually a Creek Indian, which means Cal is too. Pop sends Cal to a government boarding school for Native Americans in Oklahoma. At school, the other Creek boys quickly take Cal under their wings. Even in the harsh, miserable conditions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school, he begins to learn about his people's history and heritage. 
written by Joseph Bruchac with illustrations by Sally Wern Comport - Adventure, Children's, Children's 8-12, Family, Fiction, Horror

Paul has always believed in the power of dreams. He knows that they are often warnings. Warnings that should be taken very seriously. Now his nightmare visions of a fearsome winged creature are becoming all too real. And though Paul has always depended on the wisdom of his Abenaki ancestors’ stories to guide him, no monster tale will prepare him for the horror he is about to encounter. All alone. At the top of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.

by Joseph Bruchac - Children's 10+, Family Life, Historical Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Uwohali has not seen his father, Sequoyah, for many years. So when Sequoyah returns to the village, Uwohali is eager to reconnect. But Sequoyah’s new obsession with making strange markings causes friends and neighbors in their tribe to wonder whether he is crazy, or worse --- practicing witchcraft. What they don’t know, and what Uwohali discovers, is that Sequoyah is a genius and his strange markings are actually an alphabet representing the sounds of the Cherokee language.