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Judy Sierra


Judy Sierra

I grew up in a very creative, book-loving family. My father was a photographer, and my mother was a librarian. They read to me constantly, especially poetry. When I was seven, they built me a puppet theater and I gave my first performance, "The Three Wishes." In college I studied literature, and afterwards I became a children's librarian. A few years later, I set out on my own as a puppeteer, quickly joining forces with another puppet artist, who became my husband. We studied traditional puppetry in Indonesia, and traveled all over the U.S. as teachers and artists-in-residence. About twenty years ago, I combined what I had learned as an avid reader and writer, as a librarian and children's entertainer, and began writing books for children. All of my books are meant to be read aloud and dramatized.

Judy Sierra

Books by Judy Sierra

by Judy Sierra and G. Brian Karas - Children's 4-8, Fiction, Picture

In Miss Bingo’s classroom there’s always time to tell a story! Here are Jiro and Annabelle, Rufus and Rory. They’re here to have fun with amazing Miss Bingo, the storytime rhymer, the singing flamingo. She tells them of kittens and mittens and mice, Miss Muffet, her tuffet and sugar and spice.

by Judy Sierra and Matthew Myers
Once upon a time, Old MacDonald didn’t have a farm. He just had a yard — a yard he didn’t want to mow. But under the direction of the wise (and ecologically sensitive) Little Red Hen, Mac learns to look at the environment in a very different way, and whole new worlds start to bloom with the help of some mud, garbage, horse poop, and worms! 
Written by Judy Sierra, Illustrated by Marc Brown - Children's, Family, Fiction, Humor

The tree kangaroo at the zoo would like nothing more than a baby of her own. So, when a new egg arrives via the endangered species van, the 'roo jumps at the chance to take care of it, even when no one else wants it. Soon, out comes a penguin and all the animals chip in to help because, as the tree kangaroo says, "Penguins eat fishes."