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Julie Andrews


Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews Edwards is one of the most recognized figures in the world of entertainment. She is perhaps best known for her performances in Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, and The Princess Diaries. Ms. Edwards is the author of many favorite children's books, including MANDY, THE LAST OF THE REALLY GREAT WHANGDOODLES, and the Little Bo series. She and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, an arts educator and theater professional, have coauthored over twenty books for young readers, including SIMEON'S GIFT, THE GREAT AMERICAN MOUSICAL, THANKS TO YOU: WISDOM FROM MOTHER & CHILD, and the recent New York Times bestsellers THE VERY FAIRY PRINCESS and JULIE ANDREWS' COLLECTION OF POEMS, SONGS, AND LULLABIES.

Julie Andrews

Books by Julie Andrews

Written by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton with illustrations by Christine Davenier - Children's 8-12, Fiction, Holiday

It's Gratitude Day at school! Gerry is ready to be grateful and kind all day long. She's excited to give her best compliments, she's donated a beautiful painting to her class's art gallery, and she even has the perfect jar contribution ready for the food drive. But when disaster strikes, it's tough to stay grateful --- even on Gratitude Day! Can Gerry prove that a fairy princess always has the right attitude of gratitude?

written by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, illustrated by Christine Davenier - Children's, Picture

The end of the school year is here, and Very Fairy Princess Gerry is getting ready to graduate! She always loves a celebration, but can't help but feel a little sad as she empties her cubby, takes down her art projects, and says goodbye to her class pet, Houdini the hamster. She's also a little nervous about leaving Miss Pym... what if her new teacher doesn't let Gerry wear her wings and crown? Change can be hard, even for a fairy princess! Thankfully, she realizes that new things can bring their own sparkle.


by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton - Children's, Fiction

The Winter Wonderland Festival is just around the corner, and Gerry knows this is her moment to shine. She's the most enthusiastic singer around, so she's certain her music teacher will choose her to perform the solo. But when a professional singer is given the solo instead, Gerry is crushed...but as the snow begins to fall, she finds a way to get her sparkle back!

Written by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, Illustrated by Christine Davenier - Children's, Fiction, Holiday

Geraldine is getting ready for Christmas, and when her mom suggests exchanging homemade gifts this year, she is more than thrilled to work in her Very Fairy Princess Workshop crafting the perfect presents for everyone!