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Kat Shepherd


Kat Shepherd

Kat Shepherd is thrilled to write fast-paced series books for middle grade readers because she believes that reading should be a joyful experience for every kid. A former classroom teacher, Kat has also spent various points in her life working as a deli waitress, a Hollywood script reader and a dog trainer for film and TV. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband, two dogs and a rotating series of foster dogs.

Kat Shepherd

Books by Kat Shepherd

by Kat Shepherd - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Mystery

Twins Zach and Evie Mamuya and their friend Vishal Desai make up the Gemini Detective Agency, which is mainly an excuse to get pizza together or hit the go-kart track. But when a priceless diamond necklace known as the North Star is stolen before an auction, the kids tag along with the twins' crime reporter mom and find a few clues that make them think this was no ordinary robbery! With the help of their classmate Sophia Boyd, the Gemini Detective Agency is on the case! Will they be able to sort through the clues and solve the mystery in time?

written by Kat Shepherd with illustrations by Rayanne Vieira - Children's, Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Horror

For Rebecca Chin, babysitting has always been fun. But one night, a thunderstorm knocks the power out while she’s watching baby Kyle, and creepy things begin to happen in the house. When she finds out that no one else in town was affected by the storm, Rebecca begins to wonder if something supernatural is going on. Rebecca and her friends discover something unbelievable. A paranormal villain has taken the baby and replaced him with a changeling! The girls can save him --- if they can survive a scary journey into the Nightmare Realm!