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Kathleen Krull


Kathleen Krull


Kathleen Krull has written much innovative nonfiction for young people, including all of the books in the Lives of . . . series, and has made a chatty, accessible approach to biography her hallmark. She lives in San Diego, California. 

Kathleen Krull

Books by Kathleen Krull

by Kathleen Krull and Anna DiVito - Biography, Children's 8-12, History, Nonfiction

Find out what our country’s First Ladies thought, did, and advocated for as they moved into the White House.

Written by Kathleen Krull with illustrations by David Leonard - Biography, Children's Nonfiction

Judy Blume wrote her way through controversy and censorship to become a pioneer who helped make it okay for kids and teens to discuss their everyday concerns, including the kinds of things people don't always like to talk about. Now more than forty years into her career of writing frank and funny books, Judy still has the amazing ability to connect with young readers and adults.

by Kathleen Krull - Nonfiction

Scientists have a reputation for being focused on their work --- and maybe even dull. But take another look. Did you know that it’s believed Galileo was scolded by the Roman Inquisition for sassing his mom? That Isaac Newton loved to examine soap bubbles? That Albert Einstein loved to collect joke books, and that geneticist Barbara McClintock wore a Groucho Marx disguise in public?