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Laura Godwin


Laura Godwin

Laura Godwin

Books by Laura Godwin

Written by Laura Godwin and illustrated by Rob Dunlavey - Children's 3-7, Picture

With just three or four words per page, this story follows a baby owl one night as he leaves the safety of his nest and explores the starry world around him. Inspired by reverso poetry, the words reverse in the middle when the baby owl is startled upon seeing his reflection in the pond. Afraid of it, little owl takes off toward home, soaring over farms and forests until he is finally safely home again.

Written by Laura Godwin and illustrated by William Low - Children's 3-6, Picture

See this small gray donkey,
this long, dusty road,
this promising star.

See this man, Joseph,
this woman, Mary.
Feel the frost on
this clear Bethlehem night.

Written by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin with illustrations by Brett Helquist - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Holiday

Christmas is Annabelle Doll's favorite time of year. She loves celebrating with her family, and she especially loves all the beautiful decorations Kate and Grandma Katherine put up in the dollhouse. But when the angel topper for the Dolls' tree breaks, Annabelle is convinced the holiday is ruined. And things only get worse when Kate and Nora decide to use the dolls to create a nativity scene downstairs, meaning Annabelle won't be able to keep her special traditions at all!

written by Ann M. Martin and Laura Godwin

Annabelle Doll, Tiffany Funcraft, and their families are whisked out to sea when the Palmers accidentally place them in a box destined for charity donation. And it turns out they're not alone-there are plenty of other doll people on the ship, too. After traveling thousands of miles, will they be able to find their way home? 

by Laura Godwin

Across a great distance, but under the light of the same moon, a city cat and a country cat pounce and play, crouch and leap in a rollicking nighttime adventure. When morning comes, they are both back in their respective homes and finally, turn in to sleep.

by Laura Godwin

When a young girl sees three cats in her yard, she thinks she has found three new playmates. But these frolicking felines have other ideas for fun. Emergent readers won't be able to resist the enticing rhymes about these playful and mischievous kittens. Full color.