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Lee Wildish


Lee Wildish

Lee Wildish has won a few awards one being Red House Children's Book Award 2013. He has illustrated books for clients including: Random House UK and USA, Egmont, Hodder, Hachette, Usborne, Franklin Watts, Hodder, HarperCollins, Simon Schulster UK and USA, Usborne, Scholastic and many more with a wide range of styles and media.

Lee Wildish

Books by Lee Wildish

Written by Jean Reagan with illustrations by Lee Wildish - Children's 4-8, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Humor

This humorous new book in the beloved How to...series takes readers through a fun and busy school year. Written in tongue-in-cheek instructional style, a class of adorable students gives tips and tricks for getting a teacher ready --- for the first day of school, and all the events and milestones that will follow (picture day, holiday concert, the 100th day of school, field day!). And along the way, children will see that getting their teacher ready is really getting themselves ready. 

Written by Jean Reagan with illustrations by Lee Wildish - Children's 4-6, Children's 5-8, Fiction, Holiday, Picture

From Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish, creators of the bestselling How To... series, comes a delightful new offering, written again in a hilarious instructional style. Two sibling narrators give clever tips for “catching” Santa (be crafty! be clever! be gentle!) on Christmas Eve. Filled with humor and holiday warmth, this is a jolly read-aloud for the whole family to enjoy!