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Leigh Hodgkinson


Leigh Hodgkinson

Leigh Hodgkinson is a children’s writer and illustrator. She has created oodles of picture books.
She also makes printed snippysew kits, laser cut brooches, prints and other lovely things under her wonkybutton label.
She has a shed and is not afraid to sit in it.

Leigh Hodgkinson

Books by Leigh Hodgkinson

written by Marnie Edwards, illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson - Picture

Glitter at the ready, this book needs YOU! Emerald the Witch is off to Spell Summer Camp, and asks her best friend, Princess Sapphire, to come along too! Magical fun and chaos ensue as the reader helps the story by drawing and coloring in the book.

by Leigh Hodgkinson - Youth Fiction

Timothy Limpet feels out of place in his troll family. He likes things to be just so, and most trolls, frankly, don’t. Tabitha Lumpit likes things to be loud, loopy, and messy, and she feels like a fish out of water in her very neat family. Sometimes they wonder if their families really see them for who they are. So Timothy and Tabitha swap places . . . with hilarious and touching results.