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Linda Urban


Linda Urban

Linda Urban

Books by Linda Urban

written by Linda Urban with illustrations by Katie Kath - Children's 6-9, Family Life, Friendship

Max and his dad love their weekends together. Weekends mean pancakes, pizza, spy games, dog-walking, school projects and surprising neighbors! Every weekend presents a small adventure as Max gets to know his dad’s new neighborhood --- and learns some new ways of thinking about home.

Written by Linda Urban with illustrations by Madeline Valentine - Family Life, Fiction

Little redheaded Henry’s family treats him like a baby.  But he’s a little boy who wants to do things for himself. So with his family watching anxiously from the wings, Henry sets out on a glorious day of independence. In this charming reworking of the classic tale of the Little Red Hen, author Linda Urban and illustrator Madeline Valentine gently and humorously depict a family trying to find a middle ground between hovering over their youngest member and giving him room to grow.