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Lindsey Leavitt


Lindsey Leavitt

Lindsey Leavitt is a former elementary school teacher and present-day writer/mom/party animal (not to be confused with her spirit animal, which is a lion). She lives with her family in the Utah mountains. She is the author of the Commander in Cheese series, The Pages Between Us series (Co-written with Robin Mellom), SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD, GOING VINTAGE, THE CHAPEL WARS, and the Princess for Hire series.

Lindsey Leavitt

Books by Lindsey Leavitt

by Lindsey Leavitt and Ag Ford - Animals , Children's 7-10, Culture, Fiction, Humor

Mount Rushmore shows the faces of four great U.S. presidents. More important, it houses the biggest mouse treasure room of all! But the room is in trouble. Treasures keep disappearing like cheese off a mousetrap! It’s up to the Squeakerton family to travel to the monument and solve the mystery. When they get to Mount Rushmore, they’ll meet new friends, find clues and even hold a stakeout! Can these little mice catch a big thief? Or will they go back to the White House with their tails tucked between their legs?

by Lindsey Leavitt and Robin Mellom - Children's 8-12, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship
It’s time for the Battle of the Books! When no one from their school signs up for the annual competition, BFFs Piper (The Drama Lover) and Olivia (The Bookworm) decide to put their talents to good use by creating a video to get their classmates excited about the contest. The video goes viral, thrusting Olivia into a spotlight she never wanted, while no one seems to remember that Piper wrote, produced and directed the video. And on top of everything, while their video motivated a lot of people to sign up to participate in Battle of the Books, no one seems to have any interest in doing the reading. With the tournament approaching will Piper and Olivia be able to work together to save the day yet again?
Written by Lindsey Leavitt with illustrations by Ag Ford - Animals , Children's 7-10, Fiction, Humor

When a human has a birthday, mice get to eat a BIG cake! When a mouse has a birthday, mice get to throw a BIG party! Ava and Dean can’t wait to surprise Gregory on his birthday. They have the perfect gift: a special Abraham Lincoln suit made just for him! But making sure a mouse arrives at his surprise party on time is not easy...especially when a human kid picks up that mouse and wants to keep him as a pet!

Written by Lindsey Leavitt and illustrated by Ag Ford - Animals , Children's 7-10, Fiction, Humor

Ava loves airplanes. And the president’s airplane, Air Force One, is the most famous of all! She and her brother Dean need to sneak onto that plane, which means they have to hide in the president’s daughter’s backpack. It’s actually pretty easy (even though they get stuck with Secret Service mouse Gregory as a babysitter). But where is this plane going? They’ll find out...up, up, and away!

by Lindsey Leavitt and Ag Ford - Animals , Children's 7-10, Fiction

For years, Ava and Dean have roamed the tunnels below the West Wing without fear. But now there’s a new pet in town, one that rhymes with hat and rat and whose name is spelled C-A-T. In the history of the White House, thirty-seven Squeakertons have died because a C-A-T was hungry. Now Ava and Dean are worried that they might be added to that list. Will the Squeakerton siblings ever get to explore the White House again? Or is this game of C-A-T and mouse just too dangerous?

Written by Lindsey Leavitt with illustrations by Ag Ford - Animals , Children's 7-10, Fiction

If you are a mouse, then you might know about Ava and Dean Squeakerton. They are kind of famous, for mice. That’s because Ava and Dean and the rest of their family live in the White House. A new president is moving into the White House, and best of all she has kids! That means cool kid treasures for Ava and Dean Squeakerton. The only problem is that sneaking around means Ava and Dean will have to be quiet, and they aren't so good at that. But moving day is so busy, nobody would notice two mice searching for toys...right?