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Lisa Bullard


Lisa Bullard

Lisa Bullard

Books by Lisa Bullard

Written by Lisa Bullard with illustrations by Christine M. Schneider - Culture, Fiction

It's food week in Manuel's class. Each student tells about something special his or her family eats. Manuel learns that families have different food traditions. What kind of food will Manuel share with his class? Join him to find out how deliciously different and alike food can be.

by Lisa Bullard - Adventure, Children's, Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Mystery
Thirteen-year-old Trav has always wondered about his dead-before-he-was-born dad. It turns out his dad was involved in a bank robbery right before he mysteriously disappeared, and the loot is still missing. Along with the kids next door, Trav embarks on a search for the cash. But the trio’s adventure quickly turns dangerous when it becomes clear that someone else is looking for the money!
by Lisa Bullard and Constanza Basaluzzo - African American Interest, Children's, Fiction, Holiday

Follow Kevin and his family as they celebrate and learn about the seven days of Kwanzaa!