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Marta Kissi


Marta Kissi

Marta Długołęcka (a.k.a. Marta Kissi) is a freelance illustrator living and working in London. She studied illustration and animation at Kingston University where she graduated in 2010 and then completed her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2012. 

Since, she's been working on various children book projects as well as covers and editorial pieces for both children and adults.

In her work she likes mixing her love for crafts and model making with a little bit of digital magic, with hope to create images that are both fun and emotional.

Marta Kissi

Books by Marta Kissi

written by Jennifer Brown with illustrations by Marta Kissi - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Friendship, Mystery

Sixth-grader Thomas Fallgrout is finally settling in at Pennybaker School, home of students with unique and unusual gifts. After a bit of an unusual start to the school year, things are finally starting to seem normal. Until his Facts After the Fact (aka History) teacher Mr. Faboo goes missing. And Thomas’s neighbor, Chip (he of the wacky sock collection), swoops in and bonds with all of Thomas’s friends, leaving Thomas in the dust. This year is getting out of control, and it’s up to Thomas to take matters into his own hands. It’s time…for a revolution.

by , and - Children's, Children's 8-12, Fantasy, Fiction, Friendship, Law, Mystery

Thomas Fallgrout always thought of himself as a regular kid until he accidentally creates a little bit of magic using his grandpa's old potions. Suddenly, he's pulled from public school and enrolled in Pennybaker Academy for the Uniquely Gifted. Life is uprooted when a statue of the great Helen Heirmauser goes missing --- and everyone thinks Thomas is behind its disappearance. As his new friends turn on him, Thomas finds himself pairing up with his oddball next door neighbor Chip Mason. Together they work to hunt down the missing statue...only to discover that maybe what they've both needed to find all along was true friendship.