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Maureen Garvie


Maureen Garvie

Maureen Garvie grew up beside the St. Lawrence River outside Kingston, Ontario. As a kid she swam with her brothers on the wrecks of ships from the War of 1812 and later worked in the summers at the reconstructed British Fort Henry. Along the way she developed a taste for history.

Even as a kid she wanted to write books. (Her friend Johanne and her wrote the first version of Lake Rules during French class in Grade 10.) Garvie got distracted from that for a while, though. When she finished her education with a masters, teaching and library degrees, she moved to New Zealand with her husband. For 12 years she worked on farms and in libraries, taught English and drama and generally had a great life. Her daughter, Leila, was born there.

In 1983 she moved back to Kingston with my family and worked as a writer and  editor for the Kingston Whig-Standard. She taught writing and editing at Queen's University and is now an editor with McGill-Queen's University Press.  

Maureen Garvie

Books by Maureen Garvie

by Maureen Garvie - Children's, Children's 10+, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship

When one of her father’s friends comes into her bedroom at night, 13-year-old Jewel finds herself on the run and she chances upon a new place to live --- the cupboard of the art room at school. Jewel carefully eases into her new life. It turns out to be surprisingly easy to live under the radar when you have perfected the art of being invisible. That is, until Jewel’s classmates, Maya and Lily, discover her washing her hair in the girls’ washroom at school and making breakfast in the lunchroom. They are eager to help her, and the girls help keep Jewel and her secret safe --- until they no longer can.