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Michael D. Beil


Michael D. Beil

Michael D. Beil

Books by Michael D. Beil

by Michael D. Beil - Children's, Children's 9-12, Fiction, Mystery, Youth Fiction

Andover James Llewellyn, aka Andy, did the unthinkable: he turned in a bag of money he found on the street after a bank robbery. His selfless action caught the attention of the Agents of the Glass. Now, as one of the agency’s newest recruits, Andy is tasked with following the actions of a dangerous student at this new school, only he doesn’t know which student.

by Michael D. Beil - Mystery, Noir, Youth Fiction

Lantern Sam is the wise-cracking, sarcastic, talking cat (for those who can hear him, that is) who lives onboard the Lake Erie Shoreliner train and is one of the best detectives no one knows about. He doesn't have much patience for humans (unless they bring him sardines), but when 10-year-old traveler Henry can't find his new friend, the exuberant Ellie, Sam's enlisted to help. A ransom note is soon discovered and just like that, Sam and Henry are on the case, with the help of Clarence the Conductor (who supplies Sam's sardines). But is Ellie still on board the train? Did the salesman with his trunk full of samples sneak her off? And why does that couple keep acting so suspicious?  

by Michael D. Beil - Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult 10+

Mysteries seem to find the Red Blazer Girls: when Sophie finds a secret message in the antique fountain pen she bought for her father, the girls are on a case.The pen's original owner is a man full of secrets. His house is full of puzzles, and the Blazers will do anything to get to the bottom of things.

by Michael D. Beil - Children's, Fiction, Friendship, Mystery

With their father en route to Africa for Doctors Without Borders, city-kids Nicholas and younger twin sisters Haley and Hetty are off to spend the summer with their Great-Uncle Nick at his house on Forsaken Lake. Nicholas discovers an old movie that his father made as a boy: it tells the story of the local legend, The Seaweed Strangler, but was never finished. Before long Nicholas wants answers both about the legend, and about the movie.

by Michael D. Beil - Mystery

The Red Blazer Girls –Sophie, Margaret, Becca, and Leigh Ann –are hired to help Father Julian authenticate a painting. Mayhem and Mystery follows as the girls try to uncover the truth.